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WoT Guru is now on Facebook and Twitter!  You can find the links to the pages in the upper right hand corner on any page or by using the links on this post below.  From now on any updates as far as guides and when there are live streams happening will not only be on here but in three places.  Now you can follow your favorite(I hope so!) World of Tanks place for helpful guides and videos.





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  1. Dear guru I have been enjoying and finding the info you put on about the tanks and maps very useful. Thank you for having this site. I am fairly new to wot and even have a friend playing as well. I was watching one of your videos posts and noticed how good the basics and details where and was wondering if you could tell me a good computer system with good grahics and internet speed to use. Thank you Jason (thebyrd1701)

    • The set up I use I built myself. Its cheaper than buying a pre-bought one and easy to do(google how to build your own PC).

      CPU: i5-2500k
      GPU: GTX 680 Classified(more RAM)
      RAM: 16 gb
      Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit

      Buying a new PC youll want to go with a newer GPU like a GTX 750+. My GPU is a bit overkill for World of Tanks but I need it for the recording and videos I do.

  2. Hey I heard you mention on another subject about a jumbo mod for your site where cani find one. And what is gun depression and what does the numbers represent

    • Gun depression is how far your gun can point downwards and gun elevation is how far upwards. This means that tanks with higher gun depression can fight better on hills since their guns can aim further down and thus they do not need to go as far over a hill to shoot on the other side.

  3. Guru found the link to j1mb0 cross air but my new questions are about sniping. Is it when you zoom in on your crossairs or is it something different. My second question is when I was watching you in the kv 220 and you said at one point “they can’t detect me” or something like that. Is there something on the screen that tells you if you show up on the enemy’s radar, other then them shooting at you

    • The mod doesn’t do any of that, it simply provides a different UI for your aiming recticle, reload time, etc. When I could tell that people could see me I either go off of the sixth sense perk(light bulb pops up on your screen) that is a crew member skill. Or for tanks I do not use that on(which is most) I can tell when I am within 50m of another tank(auto-detect no matter what cover is between you) or if I remember where an enemy is that can spot me.

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