WoT Guru Subscriber Giveaway (April 24th)

*Update #2*

Winner has been sent his prize!  Congratulations to Banana1728.


Winner has been chosen and has been contacted via email.  To protect their email I’ll wait to post their username after they have replied to me.  Thanks for everyone involved and stay tuned to future giveaways!


Attention subscribers!  You have a chance of winning a SU-85I today at 7pm EST simply by being a registered subscriber.  You don’t need to submit any usernames for this contest unlike others although this is limited to the NA World of Tanks server since I cannot gift to other servers.  If you are not a subscriber you can subscribe at any time before 7pm EST today(April 24th) by going to the page below.  Subscribers get email notifications for posts when they are published here on WoT Guru along with other special giveaways such as this one.



This package contains:

1. SU-85I;

2. One slot in World of Tanks.

With a good top speed, this Premium Soviet tank destroyer can get into position quickly. Take advantage of your signal range to allow your allies to relay the locations of enemy targets, since your view range is limited to 330 meters. Its heavily-armored mantle can help protect you if you get noticed by enemies.

The winner will receive an email after being selected at 7pm EST.  I will need your NA World of Tanks username since I cannot gift simply by your username.  If no reply is given within 3 days via email, forum message, or on here then another subscriber will be selected.

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