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Over the past couple days I have been tinkering with the menus and finally have them essentially finalized(unless something else pops up) to make it easier to find content on this website.  The general guide section has been changed to articles & guides and in that section there are many more sub categories to make room for new content coming.  Hopefully this will be the last change to the menu structure since it takes the limited amount of time I have to create new guides.

Also, as the title suggests there will be guest articles appearing on here in the near future.  How this works…  If you have an article, guide, opinion piece, or anything that related to World of Tanks that would mesh well with this website it can be published on here.  Simply contact me on the WoT forums(C_Menz) or through the WoT Guru Facebook page with a link to what you want me to take a look at.  I’ll go over it and see if I feel like it would fit on here.  After that it might take me a little bit to post it up here since I’ll need to slightly edit somethings usually, create the page/post, add it into menus, etc.  

I have been reluctant to open this up, but after getting many requests for guest articles I am giving it a shot.  It will not be like how it is on other websites where other people will gain author status for WoT Guru and will be able to edit/post content but rather on a case/post by case/post basis.

…….and in other unimportant news there might just be some sort of giveaway coming up soon on Facebook/Twitter.

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  1. Dear guru have been hearing this term on wot ” nerfed” and “derp”. What do these teems mean and used for in the game. Thank you

    • Nerf/Nerfed refer to when a tank is changed and it hurts it’s performance. An example would be if a piece of armor is changed from 120mm thick to 100mm.

      Derp(Derp Guns) refer to howitzer guns that primarily use HE(high explosive) rounds. These weapons generally have bad accuracy but by using HE have very high potential damage(but low penetration). They just chuck HE shells at things and hope to penetrate.

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