WoT Guru Gold Giveaway Winners!

Thank you for everyone who participated. Overall 244 unique valid names for the NA server were entered(a few a tad late!). But in the end only 3 of 244 could win. All winners should receive their gifts by the time of this post as I have already sent them via the Gift Shop.
Now for the winners..
SuperPershing + Garage Slot

M22 Locust + Garage Slot + 7 Days Premium + 6 Large Repair Kits/Fire Extinguishers

7 Days Premium + 2,000 Gold

4 Comments on "WoT Guru Gold Giveaway Winners!"

  1. Awesome man, thanks! Just so you know your efforts aren’t wasted, I checked your site out after I entered yesterday and I think I’ll be coming back a lot! Your type 59 replays really helped my game.

  2. Thanks for this contest. It was very generous and it led me to your site, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading over the weekend. While I didn’t win, I happy for the winners and in a way I think we all won thanks to your generosity.

  3. Congratz to the winners!

    Pretty awesome for you to do this, and to be able to do it at your age.

    Great blog BTW love the guides and replays.


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