World of Tanks Wall of Shame

Ever come across a player or clan that made yell out, “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE”?  I thought so.  This World of Tanks Wall of Shame page will contain any of these wonderful members of the World of Tanks community that I personally come across.  Many of these will be on the North American server since that is the server that I play on.  Have a special moment where one of these assholes team killed you? Flipped you over? Made fun of your tank’s mudflaps? Send in a replay file(preferably uploaded to through email or the WoT Guru discord server.  Only the worst of the worst will make this page.  Accidental team kills or small random team damaging shots don’t count.

World of Tanks Wall of Shame

World of Tanks Jackasses #1

World of Tanks Jackasses #2


COLDST33L [NA Server]

GBPackers [NA Server]

Abstrazi [NA Server]

omfg_89 [NA Server]

XDarkWingDuckX [NA Server]

Wesley001 [NA Server]

isamajj [NA Server]

XxHamsterLover69xX [Na Server]

_Biggamer_ [NA Server]


Unicum Police [NA Server]

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If you feel that your name or clan’s name on this page shouldn’t be on here.  Feel free to contact me about an inquires.  Since I personally add every name you most likely are an asshole and won’t be removed.  It doesn’t hurt for you to try though!  You need to remember videos are an escape for many and should be enjoyed throughout.  We all have those days when matchmaking is screwing us or worst you get killed by an AMX 40.  You should keep in mind during those times remember to be somewhat respectful of other players.

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