World of Tanks Ranking on PC Most Played Chart

World of Tanks has gone through many significant changes this year and has stumbled more than a few times with the patches causing bugs, push-back from the community, and some questioning if the game would continue to gain popularity.  According to Raptr,, World of Tanks has actually risen up the PC most played charts this year despite the setbacks Wargaming has encountered with implementing new features such as Havok Physics, historical battles, tank balancing, and other features that players are anticipating.  Below are the Raptr PC charts starting with January and ending with October.  Note, that all release dates are for the US server and that RU/EU servers received their patches several days beforehand.


Starting off the year World of Tanks inches its way onto the top twenty chart by grabbing the number 19 spot with a 1.07% share.  This comes just after the 8.10 update in December 2013 that introduced Japanese tanks, the Russian Object 430, fixes to several maps, and  the balancing of several vehicles.  Full patch details can be found here.


Towards the end of February patch 8.11 was released (Feb 17th) which concerned adding Windstorm, balancing several maps, and removing Port.  Along with these changes tier 10 tank destroyers were balanced(nerfed) and the profitability of many tanks was changed.  The patch was towards the end of the month which meant that it’s full effects don’t represent well for February, however World of Tanks increased it’s share of the PC market to 1.12% up from 1.07%.  Despite this it fell from #19 to #20 and threatened to be pushed off the chart completely in March. For a full list of 8.11 changes follow the link.


With 8.11 in place and the tier 10 tank destroyer issue relatively “fixed” World of Tanks experienced a giant leap(in WoT terms) in it’s market share.  It rose up to #12 on the list from #19 and increased it’s share of players in the process.  World of Tanks now had 1.32% of the market up from 1.12% in February.


April was a quite month for World of Tanks since patch 9.0(eventually ending in 9.04) didn’t land until April 26th.  This patch introduced historical battles and removed confrontation battles.  Along with these two changes to game modes HD models were introduced along with other graphic changes.  Both historical battles and HD models would prove to be very problematic for Wargaming.  Historical battles proved to be unpopular and within a few days the game mode was a barren wasteland while HD models caused performance issues with the majority of players.  Despite the lack of new content since February 17th World of Tanks remained at the #12 spot and increased its share of the market to 1.44% up from 1.32%.  Patch notes can be found here.


Since patch 9.0 didn’t land until April 26th the month of May represents the increase from a new patch being released and despite the problems with historical battles and HD models World of Tanks again did very well for the month.  World of Tanks snatched the #10 spot along with 1.68% of the PC market up from 1.44%.


In June the 9.1 patch was released which added Kharkov and marks of excellence.  No other huge changes were made and it is evident by the decline in World of Tanks on the chart.  World of Tanks fell from #10 and landed one spot lower at #11.  It’s market share also fell from 1.68% to 1.33% which is quite a large drop and most likely influenced by the ongoing problems with historical battles, HD models, and lack of new content.  Patch notes for 9.1 can be found here.


July saw no new content in any form for World of Tanks and the result was disastrous for World of Tanks.  The game continued its fall and landed 8 spots lower than the previous month at #19 and its market share plummeted from 1.33% to .89%.  Its clear that without new patches and content released that World of Tanks does not grow in size but rather bleeds players dramatically.


August 4th patch 9.2 was released which brought the stronghold mode and many much needed changes to unbalanced tanks.  Along with these major changes several maps were reworked.  Despite the new content World of Tanks only managed to increase its market share from .89% to .94%.  It did rise on the chart from #19 to #13 which can be considered a plus despite the small change in overall market share.  For patch notes click the following link.


Yet again another patch was released and added much needed new content to the game.  9.3 brought new light tanks for the American branch, Russian branch, and German branch.  Along with these changes stronghold gained new features and several tanks were balanced.  Above all the performance issues in World of Tanks were worked on even further and the game became a lot more stable unlike in previous patches were it become more difficult to play with each patch.  Even through 9.3 was released on September 23rd World of Tanks continued it’s rise up the chart again.  It’s slot on the chart moved up from #13 to #11 and the share of the market rose from .94% to 1.11%.


The most recent available Raptr most played PC game chart ends with October and saw World of Tanks remain essentially the same as in September.  9.4 was not released until November 5th on the US server and thus October saw no new changes to the game.  World of Tanks remained at the #11 spot and only gained .03% share of the market.  Once again, in a month with no new major content or the anticipation for the next patch World of Tanks made no large gains in players.

Throughout 2014(up to November) World of Tanks has risen from 1.07% share of the Raptr PC charts to 1.14%.  It’s highest spot on the chart had it with 1.68% of the market and the lowest share it has was .89%.  While the gain of players is nothing compared to League of Legends it is a gain nonetheless.  League of Legends started off with 7.22% of the market in January and ended with a massive 22.25% of the share in October crushing all other games in the process.  Hopefully the upward trend continues with World of Tanks and Wargaming learns from their mistakes in what their player base wants.  If World of Tanks isn’t stable to play, balance, and receives content that people actually want to play then it will certainly lose the share of the PC market that it has managed to gain back in the past few months.  If it continues to stumble with stability and new content then it certainly loose out to newer games and developers that are able to create a stable client to play with.

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