World of Tanks Live Stream

This page is for my World of Tanks Live Stream that I host several times a week on YouTube Gaming.  I’ve played World of Tanks since 2011 and along with running WoT Guru.  Along the way I have also created videos and live streamed the entire way.  You’re invited to check the stream out, ask some questions, and request some tanks!  I have over 200 tanks to request from and always keep an upbeat positive atmosphere.

To keep up with the live stream you can always check here on WoT Guru to see if I am live. Or if you subscribe to my YouTube channel you can set up notifications to your liking for when I live stream or release new videos.

My Current Schedule

(Sunday April 23rd) 7pm-9pm EST (Solo Play)
(Monday April 24th) 9am-12am EST (Viewer Platoons)
(Monday April 24th) 7pm-9pm EST (Solo Play)
(Thursday April 27th) 7pm-9pm EST (Viewer Platoons)

World of Tanks Live Stream

Sorry we are not currently streaming live

During my World of Tanks live stream I’ve been known to wear ridiculous holiday themed hats.  The stream mascot Levi tries to kill us with his cuteness or his snoring.  What you will find is a stream that blends serious gameplay without all the negativity that often comes with it.  If you are curious what my PC specs are you can find them all here.  Because of my PC specs I am able to play World of Tanks fully maxed out while sustaining a clear 1080p/30fps stream.  If only my local internet provider *cough* Comcast *cough* provided better upload speeds I would stream at 60 fps.

Full list of tanks that I can play during the live stream for you.

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