World of Tanks April Fool’s: New 8-Bit Game Mode and Crayfish Attacking Tanks

As many who play World of Tanks might have seen today for April Fool’s day has introduced a new 8-bit game mode and a new tier 1 German SPG called “Karl”.  In this game mode you play on a retro 8-bit map in 3d that pays homage to the old NES game Battle City. Wargaming didn’t stop there either and introduced World of Tanks: The Crayfish in which you battle hoards of crayfish in various tanks! To play the 8-bit game mode you simply select the new tank you have received for April 1st that is called “Karl” and is an odd tank since it also is made to look like an old 8-bit tank.  Simply press the battle button and you are put into the queue for the 8-bit mode and then you are flung back into the past with this in genius April Fool’s prank.  

While this mode will most likely be removed soon after April Fool’s is over it is actually quite enjoyable to play and is a nice “mini-game” that provides a bit of relief from the more serious battles that World of Tanks consists of. The video below shows off the new Karl tank as well as some matches played with it in the 8-bit game mode.

8-bit Game Mode / Karl

World of Tanks: The Crayfish

World of Tanks makers didn’t stop at the 8-bit game mode and Karl tank when it comes to April Fool’s.  On all of the official forums on the top header you can find a new image with the iconic “battle” button located in the middle of it.  When you press this button it will take you to the April Fool’s flash game called “World of Tanks: The Crayfish”.  For a direct URL you can click the link below.

In this simple flash game you have access to 10 levels and with each level your tank will be upgraded with tanks currently in World of Tanks. With each additional level you face larger, tougher, and hoards of crayfish.  While this does sound weird(which it is) the reference to crayfish and reindeer found in the flash game comes from the Russian aspect of World of Tanks.  Since Wargaming and a lot of World of Tanks players is largely centered in or around Russia the words crayfish and reindeer refer to new players and/or noob players.  In a sense your single tank fights through 10 levels of noobs annihilating them and on the final level you encounter a super-sized crayfish boss that is impossible to destroy unless you think outside the box.  The second video below will help you defeat the final boss on level 10.


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