World of Tanks Tips: 3 Simple Tips

Tip #1

Critical hits are a feature of the game you wish that would not happen for your tank but on the other hand happen to every tank you are shooting at!  Learning weak spots helps with doing damage to the HP of a tank, but going even further you can learn the basic areas for knocking out modules to improve your chance of survival in specific situations.  Knowing that shooting someone’s gun(aim for part closest to turret or shoot the hole that the gun comes out of) has a good chance of either damaging it effecting accuracy or even knocking it out for quite sometime can be the difference in living or being torn to shreds.  As a low tier tank facing a higher tier this is sometimes your only option to survive since it will buy you time to scurry away.

Learning to shoot the tracks is also very important. It might not always do HP damage but it does immobilize that enemy allowing your artillery and support to focus in on them to dispatch of them easily.  Knowing that for most tanks shooting the rear of the tank does engine/fuel damage that catches them on fire and also slows them down is very important. Instead of shooting the front half of their tank if you are on their side, aim for the rear section in the engine area.  For German tanks you can usually shoot through the frontal lower hull as well and do engine damage as the transmission is on the front of the tank on most German tanks. Smaller things like sights, turret ring, radio aren’t as reliable or easy to damage reliably but learning to use the gun, tracks, and engine/fuel tanks more often helps more than you would imagine.

Doesn’t having your driver or loader die really suck? I thought so especially if you already used that med kit.  Learning the crew locations of the tanks you face the most is easier than you would think.  This website has models for essentially all World of Tanks tanks that show module and crew locations.

Tip #2

This tip is for SPG players.  Prioritizing your targets is key to your team winning the battle. It might not always be the best for you to “rack up the kills” which artillery is not about. Playing a SPG you should be focused on doing the most amount of damage possible first and then worrying about kills only if it is a tank with low HP that your team is not in a position to kill before that enemy tank gets their next shot off(thus saving your team mates valuable HP if you kill him).  I have a simple “check list” while playing artillery to pick my targets in most situations. This is just a general guideline and in specific scenarios(like low HP tank stated earlier) do not use this.

1.Enemy SPG if Spotted
2.Big Gun – Low Armor(TD)
3.Big Gun – Medium Armor(Top tier mediums)
4.Big Gun – High Armor(Heavies)
5.Meh Gun- Meh armor(Most Mediums)
6.Light Tanks

Go for the easiest tank to damage that has the “biggest gun” highest potential damage output towards your teammates. Then work your way down. I typically ignore light tanks unless if they are circling a fellow non-turreted TD, etc or if they are coming straight for me as they are harder to hit and usually not worth the wasted shell.

Tip #3

“Always return to base”

This saying 95% of the time will hold true.  If you see a flank failing or enemy tanks already closing in on your flag then most likely you should head back!  It makes no sense to continue pushing on if the enemy is already in a position to start capturing your flag or over run your flank and then flank you from behind.  You don’t have to turn directly around and head back, but instead of continuing forward simply pick a route that leads you back to help. Whether it is the way you came or the path the enemy tore through it will make a difference.  Your selfish teammates sitting on the enemy cap congratulating you as you reset or your SPG/failing flank who you save thanking you is your reward.  The only situation that I would not head back is if you absolutely know you and your team can out cap them without a draw which would mean you have 3 tanks on their flag and they only have 1 on yours. Even then heading back is still a viable option!

Hopefully these World of Tank Tips help you out. More to come soon™

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