World of Tanks Tip: Do Not Drive In Front of SPG’s!

I recently picked up playing SPG’s(artillery) again in World of Tanks and find that even in high tier matches that players do not understand that driving directly in front of a friendly SPG can spell doom.


Usually when a SPG player is sitting there they are in the overhead mode and not paying attention to their direct surrounds unless a scout breaks through or a flank falls.  Therefore, driving directly in front of a loaded cannon that will fire at any given second is usually a bad thing for both the passerby and also the SPG user.  I have a few screen shots of what happens when a JagdPz E-100 decides to cross a T92 while firing…

Oh look a T54 driving right into my aiming circle!


**JagdPz E-100 tries to escape before being seen**

Granted he did end up apologizing and probably learned his lesson….especially since he did not end up going up the hill but rather went back down it.  So always keep in mind this is mind while out there folks as im sure most of you do not want a gift basket of SPG goodness in the side or back of your tank.

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