World of Tanks New Account Bonus Code (NA Server)

For the NA server only(sorry EU/SEA/RU) I have a bonus code for new accounts that you can redeem on the World of Tanks website.  Special thanks to Ryan of ION and WGNA for making these codes possible!  The code is only capable of being redeemed once per account and is a limited time offer since it has a maximum amount of uses.  You must use it on the account creation page before you create your account otherwise it will not work.  The code itself rewards….


3 Days Premium Time

500 Gold

300,000 Credits

M22 Locust Tank


Link to Redeem Code:



5 Comments on "World of Tanks New Account Bonus Code (NA Server)"

  1. Incorrect Code. Didn’t work.

  2. Incorrect code according to my friend.

    • I’ll take a look at it and see if there is something wrong on WG’s end. If your friend still wants a code though i think I have a single use new account code I could give him or you. Just email me at

  3. Sry for the late response. I talked to him 2 days ago and he said he tried it again and got the same message. He also told me that he’ll need a better video card for the game because, all he has right now is just an nVidia 8400 and that’s not good enough to play WoT with. As soon as, he gets it installed, he’ll contact me. I will let him know and give him your address.

    • Ok, sounds good. Will wait to hear something from him and see what I can hook him up with.

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