World of Tanks Meme & Humor Contest

Contest has ended and the winners have been chosen!  To see the top entries and winners follow the link below.

Its time for another contest and this time it focuses on those moments in World of Tanks where you can’t help but laugh.  Memes have caught on over the years and you can find thousands of World of Tanks related Memes,images, and videos.  For this contest create a Meme, image, video, gif, etc. that is World of Tanks related(and funny) and submit it before the deadline of February 1st 2015, 12:00 pm EST.  Videos must be able to be viewed on a web browser and capable of being embedded(YouTube, etc.) and replay files of matches are not valid unless uploaded.  Images and gifs must be created by you and not simply ripped off from another website or Google.  Feel free to be creative and entries do not need to be single small images and can be several “scenes” like in a comic book as long as they are grouped into one image file.  You have an equal chance of winning no matter what type of entry you submit and it is based simply on how funny it is.

    After the deadline passes I will go through entries and depending on the amount of entries two things could happen.  If there are many awesome entries I will post them and they will be voted on for several days to decide the winners.  If there are only a few dozen awesome entries entered then myself and a small group of others not participating in the contest will vote on what ones we feel should win.  Winners will be contacted based on the World of Tanks usernames provided with entries and will have 72 hours to choose a gift shop package based on which prize they won.  Regardless of the process used to determine the winners, the “top” entries will be posted up on WoT Guru for everyone to see at the end of the contest.

Entries must be submitted to the email address below using the specified format.

Email Address:

1) Subject field must be “WoT Meme Contest Entry”

2) Images/Gifs can be attached to the email or you can provide a link to a website such as Imgur, Photobucket, etc…  Videos must be able to be viewed online on a website such as YouTube and you can simply provide a link.

3) Valid World of Tanks username on the North American, European, or Southeast Asian server.


Prize #1: $30 USD Gift Shop Prize

Prize #2: $20 USD Gift Shop Prize

Prize #3: $15 USD Gift Shop Prize


1) Entries must be submitted to  Any entries left in the comment section or entered elsewhere are not counted unless they are sent to that email address.

2) Entry must follow format specified above.  If I am unable to view your image, gif, or video then your entry is not valid.  Labeling your entry using the specified subject field and leaving your WoT username makes it easier for me to process entries.

3) You may enter up to 3 different images, gifs, videos, files, etc. per World of Tanks username. Please try to group them into one email to make things easier on my end.

4) World of Tanks username must have at least 150 battles by entry deadline to qualify.

5) Deadline for entries is February 1st 2015, 12:00 pm EST.  Any entries after specified date will not be valid.

6) Any images, gifs, videos submitted must be created by you and any content found stolen will be disqualified.  User will also be banned from entering any future contests on WoT Guru.



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