World of Tanks Guru Holiday Contest!

It’s time for another contest just before the holidays.  There will be two prizes this go around each worth a specific amount and not tied to a specific gift shop package.  I expect WG to run some special gift shop packages leading up to Christmas so I will leave a bit of flexibility in what prizes will be rewarded and the winners will be able to pick what they receive.

Both contests will be open to submissions until December 15th 5:00pm EST and prizes will be distributed shortly thereafter once the winners respond back with which gift shop packages they wish to receive.  Although the contest ends on December 15th if there are any special gift shop packages about to run the following week(December 17th/18th) I will allow the winners to also choose from them as well.


Comment Prize:

This prize will be much like my previous contests on here in which you comment on this blog post with your in-game username and it must be a valid NA server name. Sorry EU/RU servers but WG has taken away the payment method I was able to use to distribute prizes to those servers. This prize will be any gift shop package available at the end of the contest that is between $25-$35.

YouTube Prize:

This prize will be tied to my Youtube Channel  and a specific video linked below.  You must be a subscriber to this channel and also leave a comment on the specific video labeled “WoT Guru Holiday Contest” with your in-game username (NA Server only) and you will be entered to win. This prize will be any gift shop package available at the end of the contest that is between $25-$60.

Video Link


1. Must leave a valid NA username in the comment. EU/RU usernames are not valid.

2. You can submit one entry for each prize(one for comment and one for YouTube). However, you cannot submit multiple submissions for the same prize.

3. The YouTube prize requires you to both subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a comment on the video linked above with your in-game WoT username. Non-Subscribers will not be included in the prize drawing nor EU/RU accounts(but feel free to subscribe even if you aren’t on the NA server!!!)

4. Minimal amount of battles required to be eligible is 75.

5. All submissions must be submitted by December 13th 5:00pm EST.

6. If there are any gift shop packages the following week that any of the winners want before the prizes are given out I will allow them to wait and choose from them.

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