World of Tanks 9.7 Preview

The World of Tanks 9.7 update is fast approaching and with it comes a few new HD model reworks and also several new French tanks.  There is also a new map Overlord that looks interesting, but sadly the test server did not want to give it to me!  Here’s a look at the new French tank and also HD model reworks coming with 9.7.  Note: the penetration nerfs and compensating buffs are not coming in 9.7 and are pushed back to 9.8 or later.  The HD Super Pershing also will not be released in 9.7 although its model is listed here below.  Below is a video preview of the new content and below that images of the new tanks and additional videos for the Renault G1/AMX 30 B.

French Tanks


The French tree sees the additional of a low tier light/medium tank line that allows you to bypass the D1/B1 low tier line.  It also sees the addition of two new high tier medium tanks that branch off of the AMX 13 90.  The R35 is a new tier 2 tank that leads to the light/medium tank line but I forgot to snap a screenshot of it(oops), it will be added when the test server returns.

H35(Tier 2) -> Renault G1(Tier5) Low Tier Line

With the new low tier line in 9.7 you are offered a choice of progressing up the old french line that provides heavier armored tanks at the cost of mobility/firepower or the new line that consists of better firepower/mobility at the cost of armor.  The H35 starts the line and while it isn’t a new tank it is needed to get to the new French tanks.

Tier II Hotchkiss H35


Tier III Somua S35


Tier IV SARL 42


Tier V Renault G1


Low Tier FCM 36 / R35 (Begins Light/Medium Line)

With the Hotchkiss H35 being moved to start the new French tanks in 9.7 the FCM 36 and R35 were added to take its place at tier II to begin the light/medium tank line.  The R35 will be added the next chance I get to snap a picture of it.

Tier II FCM 36


Tier 9 AMX 30 Prototype + Tier 10 AMX 30 B

For 9.7 most people are going to be primarily interested in the new tier 9 and tier 10 medium tanks coming with the patch.  Both tanks are similar to the Leopard tanks in the German medium tank tree and tend to focus on better gun handling and “comfort” a bit more than their German counterparts.

AMX 30 Prototype


AMX 30 B



New HD Models



Pz. IV Ausf. H






Jagdpanzer E-100


T26E4 Super Pershing


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