World of Tanks 8.4: My View on The FV215b (183)

FV215b (183)

A lot of people were angry with me for saying I find this tank not overpowered and broken. I do agree that it needs some changes but the gun should largely be left alone in my opinion. Why? Read below.

Lets start off by listing most of the current tier 10 tank’s DPM levels. These numbers take into account 100% crew, brothers in arms, rammer, and vents.

Tier 10 DPM Levels

1. Object 268- 3,637

2. Object 263- 3,633

3. T-62a- 3,525

4. T110E3- 3,379

5. FV215b- 3,345

6. 121- 3,333

7. M48A1- 3,224

8. FV4202- 3,048

9. JagdE-100- 2,965

10. E-50M- 2,954

11. T110E4- 2,946

12. 113- 2,933

13. T110E5- 2,908

14. E-100- 2,727

15. IS-4- 2,666

16. IS-7- 2,601

17. Maus- 2,393

FV215b (183) DPM Levels

AP: 2,788 DPM

HESH: 4,242 DPM

Starting off with the AP shells you can see that the FV215b (183) slots in as the lowest DPM number for any tier 10 tank destroyer by quite a large margin.  The AP shells are the most reliable shell to use with the 183mm to get consistent DPM and even so still are maxed out at 310mm of penetration with .4 accuracy and a 3.4 second aim time.  For most occasions this is enough however against heavily armored tier 9/10’s the 310mm of penetration coupled with a glacial reload does not do this tank any favors. Miss a shot and your DPM falls down to a pitiful 1,394 DPM with AP

Moving onto HESH which many are concerned with and rightfully so.  The DPM levels do put it at #1 in terms of raw damage but with some massive downsides. HESH shares the same shell characteristics as HE and essentially is just a high penetrating HE round. As we all know HE rounds are effected greatly by any sort of spaced armor which includes mantlets and tracks.  Even with the 275mm of penetration hitting these areas greatly effects the damage done and in most cases drops it down to 500-750 on thick mantlets and 650-900 on side armor. 

This means that for HESH to actually do that insane 4,242 DPM number it needs to hit armor with an effective armor value under 275mm. I stress the word effective armor since HESH does not normalize. Essentially HESH rounds would not be able to penetrate any of the non-weak spots for any tier 10 heavy tank, tank destroyer, and some mediums. Add in the .4 accuracy, long aim time, and slow reload you now have a problem in consistently penetrating every time or even 75%+ of the time with HESH.

For example, if a HESH loaded FV215b comes across a Maus/E-100/E-50M/E-75 it would be in deep shit.  Any of these tanks can simply angle slightly and be almost immune to HESH rounds besides high penetrating rolls.  Any of tier 10 TD would laugh with their premium rounds and LOLPEN anywhere they wanted to for a consistent 850 damage with a shorter reload. 

Basically the point I am trying to get across is that HESH does have a ton of raw damage but actually achieving it will require both luck and skill. The FV215b (183) trades the reliability of all other tier 10 tank destroyer’s high penetrating premium rounds for high risk high reward premium round. You might say, “but HESH still does damage if it does not penetration.” Well guess what? Sure it might do that 700+ damage but at the same time it has a reload of 23+ seconds at minimum and in that time any intelligent player will simply kill it before it reloads by getting around it’s gun.

DPM Levels for 183mm HESH assuming penetrations do 1750 damage and non-penetrations do 850 damage.

100% Pen= 4,242 DPM

80% Pen= 3,806 DPM

60% Pen= 3,369 DPM

50% Pen= 3,151 DPM

FV215b (183) Changes?

I think the gun should be left alone for the most part.  At the most they should lower HESH pent ration down to 250-265mm since at that level it would make penetrating most heavy tanks un-angled  nearly impossible with the aim time/accuracy it has. It would leave a very interesting medium killer niche.  Also lowering the turret traverse by a few degrees and increasing ground resistance(since it is more mobile than the heavy FV215b currently).

The armor values are fine in my opinion. The only thick places(listed 250mm+ numbers) are on the beak of the frontal hull and the turret mantlet. Also 12 ammo capacity is just right since if you miss shots(.4 accuracy) it becomes a problem. But if you hit all your shots you just barely have enough to get by.

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  1. The problem is that the intelligent player has to catch the FV215b (183) by its self. If the enemy team is smart they will protect their HESH dispenser or he could be in a platoon.

    How good is the sidescraping ability of the FV215b (183), with its turret that could make it an utter nuisance?

    ps. Thanks of the usefull info and keep up the good work!

    • Side scraping isn’t to good since the turret is the “weak” version and the only strong armor is on the mantlet. All you need to do against HESH is to put your spaced armor/tracks in front of the shot and youll only take a “normal” 400-800 damage.

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