World of Tanks 8.1: Replays of Several New Tanks

Uploaded several replays from the World of Tanks 8.1 test server including the FV215b, FV4202, Conqueror, Caernarvon, M-10 Panther, and the PZ IVSchmalturm. Enjoy!

PZ IV Schmalturm

Playing the “new” tier 6 German premium tank  Pz IV Schmalturm on Steppes. Should be a solid t6 tank considering it is a premium tank and should rake in a decent amount of silver due to it’s ability of dishing out damage from afar and taking less damage.

M-10 Panther

Playing the new tier 7 premium German tank the Panther M-10 on Ensk. The Panther M-10 so far I enjoy playing since it does a little bit of everything. Mobility is good, armor is surprisingly good when slightly angled, and the gun is very useful if you can aim for weak spots and it’s RoF is great. It also makes a good amount of credits for being a step below T8 premium tanks.


Playing the new tier 8 British heavy tank Caernarvon on the 8.1 Test Server. The Caernarvon is a decent T8 tank which like the T9/T10 heavy tanks has just average armor for a heavy tank. The gun has lower alpha than a lot of T8 heavys(230 damage) but makes up for it with RoF. Overall it doesn’t feel like anything that special and more of a medium tank bully than something you will want to face T34’s, T32’s or IS-3s in.


Playing the new tier 9 British heavy tank Conqueror on the 8.1 Test Server. The Conqueror has the awesome gun the FV215b and due to this shreds apart any tank it will face. The downside however is nonexistent gun depression which is -5 degrees-ish. and below average armor for a heavy tank.


Playing the new tier 10 British medium tank FV4202 on the 8.1 Test Server. Overall its a very sluggish medium(like the M48A1 with a very good gun due to the ACPR/HESH combo with meh armor. Gun depression is around -10 degrees which is awesome. HESH is the gold round and is essentially a 200mm avg pen HE round capable of doing 600+ damage against most tanks if you avoid shooting spaced armor or thick armor.


Playing the new tier 10 British heavy tank FV215b on the 8.1 Test Server.  The FV215b has 3000 DPM, 2600 HP, poor armor, great mobility, decent gun depression, and good accuracy.

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