World of Tanks 8.0 Preview: T110E4, PZ4, JagdPZ, E-100 Replays

World of Tanks 8.0 Preview:

Uploaded 4 new replays from the World of Tanks 8.0 Test server tonight. Should have more up over the next few days since I am finally finishing up fiddling around with the layout of this new website. Even got shot a few times by some lovely people….got to love the crowd you attract from being a free to play online game.. Enjoy!


Playing the tier 10 U.S. tank destroyer T110E4.  Shows some footage of the turret being shot. Overall the tank plays very much the same however the turret(non-mantlet) part is now very weak pitted against t8+ tanks.  Also some footage of the new “battle result” screen! I likey.

PzKpfw IV

Playing the tier 5 medium German tank PzKpfw IV (PZ 4).  The tank handles much better now mobility wise and while it is no longer the “true sniper” that it used to be it still is very good in my opinion.  Only downside is the frontal turret armor is very weak(as seen in video) since the spaced armor does not cover the mantlet/gun area.

JagdPz E-100

Playing the tier 10 German tank destroyer JagdPz E-100. The buffs make the tank feel much better moving around and aiming(hull and gun traverse buffs). Gun aim time also slightly buffed. Its a “good” tank in my eyes but nothing special when pitted against the “great” tanks that litter tier 10(especially the new Object 263).

Another note is even with physics and outweighing that IS-7 it was impossible to push him away from my side or even when he wasn’t fully against my side. Turning, turning while moving forward, backwards, etc. didn’t work. Bad news for those non-turreted TD’s looking forward to not being side-hugged as much.


Playing the tier 10 German heavy tank E-100.  Overall the armor feels a bit better for the lower hull since due to the normalization changes it can bounce shells if angled more often.  Only downside the gun penetration still blows..  Also some footage of the new “battle result” screen!

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