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Just a heads up on why there hasn’t been many updates recently.  Usually during the summer I can get around 2 guides up per week, but recently I’ve found myself having to tweak and fix a few things on my end as far as the website goes.  Since changing over to the new layout the website *should* run better but it was running into a problem with loading images under the new pop-out image box.  A few people emailed me about it(thank you) and I’ve located the issue.

Right now most of the weak spot guides are fixed aside from a few here or there(about 4-6 of them).  So those images should load quickly since I fixed around 450 of them.  Next up are the map strategy and articles which I should be able to get done by the weekend.  I essentially have to re-post each page which is why it is taking up a large chunk of my time.  Hopefully starting next week I will be back to updating guides and releasing new ones!

*Update 7/17*

Finished most of the map strategy posts and fixed those images.  Some outdated strategies I didn’t both to change since I plan on updating them soon.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up and I have been going on quite a bit lately trying to process the Weak spots on the higher tiers. Really do appreciate all the work you do and hope that others do as well. Take care and hope to see you in-game. Later Jim

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