Weakspot Guide Revamp

Over the next few weeks I’ll be redoing a lot of the weak spot guides already up here(and possibly some new ones) to reflect the changes made to the game over the past several months. One noticeable change will be that the guides will only show effective armor values(which dont take into account normalization) for tanks.  This is due to Wargaming changing normalization values several times before and quite frankly it’s annoying to go back and re-do every guide+hundreds of calculations.  The effective armor values will still give you a set number to gauge how tough a specific piece of armor is and it will allow me to post more weak spot guides for new vehicles instead of playing catch up.

So stay tuned for more updates. New replays and commentary will come in due time. There might also be some kind of holiday present….for those who were around last year you’ll get what I mean.

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