Weak Spot Guide: T95

The T95 tank destroyer is a fearsome opponent for many who do not know how to face one.  It has some of the most intimidating frontal armor in the game at tier 9 and even holds up well against tier 10 tank armor.  There are very few weak spots for the T95 and if you do not know them, then you will be helpless facing one when it is facing you.  Keep in mind that the T95 is a very “short” tank vertical wise and that a lot of the armor values on this tank will change depending on your own tank’s height and proximity to the T95.  Angles on the lower half of the T95 will be much stronger while the top of the T95 will be loose quite a lot of it’s effectiveness if you are close and/or shooting “down” at it.

The index at the bottom of each picture describes a few abbreviations used and also the format in which the armor details are described in. Effective Armor (EA) refers to the overall effectiveness of the armor without normalization.

World of Tanks T95 Weak Spots |Frontal Views|



Frontally the T95 relies upon a massive amount of thick armor and not so much on the angles of the armor.  A lot of the T95 is also “empty” since the large double wide tracks and the spaced armor around them will do no HP damage.  Around the gun on the T95 does have a small “hole” behind the mantlet that can be shot through with high penetrating rounds if that is the only shot on the T95(say if you are in another T95 face hugging another) in area #5.  The only other “weak spot” in the main body on the front is actually the UFG since while it is 305mm thick it is essentially flat and some shells can go through it.

The main weak spots frontally come on the top of the T95.  Both hatches can be penetrated in area #8 which will be your primary place to shoot a T95 in most cases.

World of Tanks T95 Weak Spots |Side View|


From the side the T95 still has a lot of “empty armor” since a lot of the tracks/spaced armor has no hull armor behind it.  Keep in mind that the tracks are very wide and have spaced armor on them which makes HEAT shells essentially useless if you hit most of the side parts of the T95.  The top hatches also become stronger(go figure) on the side for the T95 than you would expect.  The main spots to aim for at the USH #2 and Area #11 if you have a lower penetrating gun.  Most of the side opens up for tier 9/10 tanks however making it easier to deal with an enemy T95 unless if you shoot HEAT at it.

World of Tanks T95 Weak Spots |Rear View|


The rear of the T95 is very weak and most of the RHA has the engine module behind it.  Simple fire away and avoid the few strong points and “empty armor” areas and you will be fine.


If  you encounter an angled T95 you have limited options since the armor is good on both the front and sides when angled.  The T95 most likely will not be able to shoot you since the gun cannot move left/right much but it’s armor will be quite strong.  Aim at the least angled bits of the top hatches or the side armor if the T95 is angled heavily.  Other areas are generally immune to most shells and these are your best options.

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  1. OMG , no wonder my E-50 can’t pen the armor . In medium range , i use 6 APC to shoot Area 6 and one shoot lucky shoot on are 1 . But i still killed by T95 .

    • Cod Janessen | September 1, 2013 at 9:39 am |

      Just hit the tracks and flank it ( if he has no repair kit ) still shoot the rear, it resembles the Sherman front armor (the sides and rears are weak on US tanks).

  2. The T95 has incredibly strong side armor.

    Not to mention any decent T95 driver will have repair on his crew, while also using a small and large repairkit

  3. the T95 also had the extra track which is and extra 50 armor so on total its ~200mm thick. shoot the area a little bit above the skirts where it virtually insloped and only ~150mm thick

  4. Still managed to kill this beast with my T-54,shooting his back and blocking his rear with my tank…But was a scaring experience…:)

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