Weak Spot Guide: T14

The T14 is a premium tier 5 American heavy tank.  At first glance it doesn’t come off as an American mid tier heavy tank since it looks nothing like the T1 and M6.  The T14 trades thicker armor for better armor angling across most of the tank.  This guide for World of Tanks T14 weak spots breaks down the entire tank and its effective armor.  You’ll learn every weak spot needed to easily damage the T14 heavy.  Learning how to harness the armor angles is the key to mastering playing the T14.  On the other hand learning where the T14 is weakest makes taking this tank down very easy.

World of Tanks T14 Weak Spots |Frontal View|

World of Tanks T14 Weak Spots Frontal View

Frontally the T14 is very tough for a lot of tanks that it faces due to limited matchmaking.  The frontal hull has a large weak spot with the machine gun port being 64mm effective.  Outside of this area the hull armor sits 102mm effective and above.  For many tier 3-5 tanks penetrating these areas can be hard to pull off every time.  Moving up to the turret you find excellent armor on the cupola and turret front.  With the cupola being one of the strongest areas on the T14 it can be a valuable asset if enemies do not know to shoot elsewhere.  
There is a small 111mm effective weak spot just above the gun on the mantlet.  Where the mantlet is oddly cut out on the left side is a 99mm effective weak spot as well.  Other areas on the turret front are much stronger and should be avoided.

World of Tanks T14 Weak Spots |Side View|

World of Tanks T14 Weak Spots Side View

A T14 engaged from the side can still soak up a lot of shells if you do not aim for the upper hull.  This is because most of the side hull is covered by spaced armor and the tracks add additional armor in some spots.  Avoid shooting HEAT and HE shells at the side since the probability of hitting spaced armor is very high.  For most tier 4-6 tanks as long as you aim carefully it isn’t that difficult to damage the T14’s side.  The main strength the T14’s side has is the unique armor layout the spaced armor brings to the table.

World of Tanks T14 Weak Spots |Rear View|

World of Tanks T14 Weak Spots Rear View

The rear of the T14 is mostly weak with the rear hull being below 99mm effective armor.  Avoid the well angled part on the top of the rear hull since it is stronger than it appears.  As long as you avoid shooting this area and also much of the rear turret you’ll find the rear easy to damage.

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  1. You do know that the T14s lower glacis is 101 mm thick, not 50?


  2. xCaptainObviousx | November 3, 2012 at 11:14 pm |

    OK, I’m starting to doubt the validity of your site as you insist on using outdated or simply incorrect info.

    • As you can see I have been updating previous guides along with new ones as fast as I can in the new format. With the amount of variables in the armor and no hard listed stats for each plate there will be some mistakes and I will correct them over time.

      Nobody is forcing you to come here and I simply do this for my own enjoyment of helping others.

    • Perhaps you should change your name to Captain Obnoxious! This site is providing a very useful service and he does it for nothing. If you have better info you could present it to help him and us and leave out the rudeness!

  3. nice guide,i realy like,but you have only a few tanks per tier,is there a posibillity that there are more tanks to be added soon?

    • Yes, I am adding them as I get them finished. I am trying to finish most high tier tanks first and/or requests I receive.

      Keep in mind this is only me doing these and it also takes a bit of research and testing to figure out the specifics of the armor layout.

  4. Great Job WoTGURU,
    You don’t need to think much or bother about people talk here.
    If some one pointing you wrong, then ask him to make it correct & publish in a website, then he will now the art of work you are doing.
    Until that no one has rights to comment you wrong. 🙂


    • Thanks, he was partially correct in that parts of it previously were a bit off. I just did not have to immediately to address it.

  5. Platypusbill | March 14, 2013 at 10:45 am |

    BTW, I’d like to add that 36 degrees of side angle already results in 70+ degrees compound slope for the glacis plate, so it should be theoretically immune to all AP except for the KV-2’s derp.

  6. Caseng Zhang | March 27, 2013 at 8:54 pm |

    Nice job Cody. Don’t listen to the retards who think its wrong. Keep up the good work!

  7. there is o more weak spot in front ….. few cm right of the main gun is small rod with small amount of armor (30-50 mm) easy to pirce …… but good job, big help to me

  8. I’d just like to thank you for this guild. It is well written helpful and thourough. Thanks again I feel much better informed about the T14 which I’m thinking of buying. It will be my first American other than tier1 and the horrible T16E gift that I can’t help playing and dying in (that armour IS paper hin ;)) If only the T14 had a decent gun and higher top speed it would be great I think, but maybe to great to be fair on the rest.
    Would u believe it, the day I go to buy my T14 update 8.6 comes out with a new Tier5 Brithish Premium and I’m back to the drawing board with more indecision. Oh me oh my 😉

  9. Tiki Thorsen | June 21, 2013 at 4:29 pm |

    Your efforts for details in making this excellent guides is great appreciated!

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