Weak Spot Guide: PzKpfw VI Tiger (P)

The tier 7 Tiger P can be a difficult opponent to take down frontally if you don’t know where to aim.  For experienced players damaging the Tiger P once you know its weak spots is a breeze since it is peppered with weak spots.  This guide for World of Tanks Tiger P weak spots breaks down the entire tank’s effective armor.  You’ll learn where to aim and how to penetrate the Tiger P’s armor with ease.

World of Tanks Tiger P Weak Spots |Video Review|

World of Tanks Tiger P Weak Spots |Frontal|

World of Tanks Tiger P Weak Spots Front View

Frontally the Tiger P looks intimidating with its 200mm thick front hull value in the garage.  This does give the Tiger P great protection across its front hull but doesn’t fully protect it from even lower tier tanks.  The turret is also disappointing for Tiger P drivers since it mostly falls below 159mm effective armor.  For Tiger P drivers your best bet is to try to stay pointing directly forward since angling will expose very weak side armor.

Starting with the front hull you have a 200mm thick upper hull plate that is difficult to damage for most tanks under tier 9.  The angled cheek sections that flank this area are surprisingly weak at 113mm effective armor.  For the uninformed these areas typically would be avoided since they appear strong.  Since they are only 80mm thick the 45 degree angle on them doesn’t provide dequate protection.  Moving down the front hull you have two extremely tough areas to penetrate before getting to the lower glacis.  The lower glacis drops down from 200mm thick to 80mm.  Again the angle on the armor doesn’t improve its protection very much.  The weakest area on the front hull are two small weak spots beneath the cheek areas.  This armor is only 25mm thick and virtually unprotected against any foe the Tiger P faces.

Higher up on the turret you find a very complex view of the turret armor.  The Tiger P’s mantlet spans most of the turret front and makes it appear to be difficult to tackle.  Aiming around the gun you’ll find the weakest armor highlighted in yellow.  Just stick to the rule of shooting areas that appear flat and are towards the center of the mantlet.  Beneath the mantlet the turret ring isn’t very strong either sitting at 101mm effectiveness.  The edges are actually very weak since they are only 80mm thick and 88mm effective.  To top of the Tiger P’s armor you have a cupola that is very large and easy to damage.

While the Tiger P’s armor isn’t going to win any awards it is decent for a tier 7 heavy tank.  What makes it easily damaged is the various weak 80mm areas you find across the front that ruin the thicker armor that works very well against tier 5-8 enemies.  Tiger P drivers need to know how to cover up as many of these weak spots as possible.  Meanwhile plan to come across people that know your weak spots and not to lean to hard on your armor.

World of Tanks Tiger P Weak Spots |Side|

World of Tanks Tiger P Weak Spots Side View

What little armor the Tiger P has doesn’t translate over to the side armor.  Virtually the entire side is below 99mm effectiveness and it is easy to avoid the strong areas.  Simply avoid shooting at the thick/angled portions towards the front and also the cupola edges.

World of Tanks Tiger P Weak Spots |Rear|

World of Tanks Tiger P Weak Spots Rear View

Compared to the side the Tiger P’s rear hull is actually better protected.  The lower portion of the hull is extremely weak but the angled upper hull is modestly strong.  Don’t expect the rear armor to deflect many rounds; but occasionally you can get one against a tier 5-6 tank.

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