Weak Spot Guide: M4A3E2

The M4A3E2(more commonly known as the Jumbo Sherman) is a heavily armored medium compared to it’s tier 6 counterparts.  This guide will be based off of the E2’s stronger turret which is not it’s upgraded turret since a lot of E2’s run with the 105mm HE gun and also the heavily armored 152/152/152 turret(stock turret) for front/side/rear turret armor and a 152mm armored commander’s cupola(45mm for sights inside the cupola). The upgraded turret has 76/50/50 for front/side/rear on the turret and a commander’s cupola 76mm thick(45mm for sights).  Both however have the same 178mm thick gun mantlet that covers most of the frontal turret armor.

The index at the bottom of each picture describes a few abbreviations used and also the format in which the armor details are described in. Effective Armor (EA) refers to the overall effectiveness of the armor without normalization.

 The armor values are presented in three different scenarios for the angled view of the tank.15° frontal(75° side),  25° frontal(65° side), 35° frontal(55° side), and 45° frontal(45° side).

World of Tanks M4A3E2 Weak Spots |Frontal View|

Frontally the M4A3E2 is tough for most tier 6 tanks and lower due to it’s high frontal armor on both the upper frontal glacis(UFG), lower frontal glacis(LFG), and the turret armor+mantlet.
 The upper frontal glacis is 101mm thick and at 47° making it quite tough for most tanks normally facing the M4A3E2 compared to other medium tanks. Head on it has an impressive 148 effective armor(EA) and and 136mm of armor against AP shells(AP).
 Unlike most tanks the lower frontal glacis of the M4A3E2 is not a weak spot. It is 139mm thick and at 15° making it have 144 EA / 141 AP.  The 15° is not even across the entire lower glacis and shooting at any sharp angles will drastically increase bounces.
FT #1/#2
The frontal turret armor of the M4A3E2 with the stock turret(as seen here) is 152mm thick. Shooting at the cheeks(#1 area) is very difficult as the angle increases the further away from the gun you get and can skyrocket up to over 200mm EA making it difficult to damage. The #2 area(below the gun) is still 152mm but has little to no angle making it easier to penetrate but still more difficult than shooting the UFG if you have a gun that can penetrate here.  The upgraded turret’s armor values drop down to 76mm in both locations and are generally very easy to damage if you avoid shooting the heavily angles portions near the sides of the turret.
Mantlet #1/#2
 The Mantlet on both turrets is 178mm thick however the armor behind the mantlet is not the same across the entire mantlet. Mantlet #1 has the 178mm thick mantlet with no additional armor behind it making it a viable spot to shoot for higher pen guns if there is no other option.  Mantlet #2 has the 178mm of armor plus additional turret armor that is 152mm/15° for the stock turret and 76mm/15° for the upgraded turret making it much harder to damage.
 The machine gun port is the prime weak spot for lower penetrating guns facing the M4A3E2. Guns with over 90mm of average penetration will go through nearly 100% of the time.
 One of the lesser known weak spots is the armor located above the mantlet on both the stock and upgraded turrets. The armor here is 25mm/40° making it only 33 EA / 31 AP.  This location can only be hit easily at mid to close ranges and only if your tank is not significantly shorter than the M4A3E2.
The commander’s hatch can be a weak spot or a shell eater depending on which turret is used. The stock turret has 152mm of armor on the hatch with 45mm of armor on the indents/view ports located on the hatch. The upgraded turret only has 76mm of armor with the 45mm of armor on the indents/view ports.
 Both of these sights do no HP damage but do do damage to the crew. A4 is in a location that can block shots to the commander’s hatch behind it so avoid shooting it if you want to do HP damage.

World of Tanks M4A3E2 Weak Spots |Angled View|


The M4A3E2 while angled is one of the harder opponents to face for new players just climbing into tier 6 matches.  It was already hard to deal with frontally and now while angled it becomes tougher if the M4 does not over angle. If the E2 driver does start to angle however you can easily pick apart his sides if he drops them below the auto-bounce range.

World of Tanks M4A3E2 Weak Spots |Side View|

Nothing special to see for the side of a M4A3E2 as overall it is very weak compared to the frontal armor. The upper side hull(USH) is only 76mm/0° making it very easy to damage along with the lower side hull(LSH) which is only 38mm/0°(if tracks are hit they add 20mm of armor).  The only strong spot is if the stock turret is used and the side turret(ST) armor is 152mm in that case. If the upgraded turret is used then the 152mm drops down to a mere 50mm.

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  1. Finally a nice guide to know where to shoot these things. I always find myself bouncing shells on em.

    • I noticed the marked vales of the front of the E2 did not exceed 150mm AP protection, but if that is the case, then why do I manage to bounce about half the shots from my IS6 when shooting the “Jumbo Sherman” head on – as I almost always do without fail since they are basically unable to pen my IS6 without gold ammo and even then, not when I angle myself, and they are slower in every way than my IS6, so while you rate it at around 140mm AP protection, I should not be bouncing near half my shots to the dead on front hull of the E2 – I mean it happens when I am 100 meters or less – meaning I should have above average pen rolls most of the time! The IS6 is a supreme brawler so i always do kill them eventually, but it annoys me that it usually takes me finding my way to it’s side hull before I can reliably damage them.

      • I highly doubt you bounce more than 50% of your AP shells against a E2 while shooting it dead on. You should bounce around 30%-35% of normal AP since the penetration is so low, if the E2 starts to angle above 10 degrees you’ll start to see that number climb.

        • Well I suppose it is not exactly half, but it is very irritating when I do shoot them dead on and bounce. I probably said about 50% cause i often do shoot their fronts at not more than 5 degree angles from 200m and less. And oddly enough I can almost reliably pen (over 50% penetrations) the front of a T26E4 at 200m and closer, whlile they, again, basically never pen me unless they use premium rounds – which negates the credit earning purpose of a premium tank… Though I have seen many a “unicum” use the IS6 with all APCR to pad their stats, one citing a 100+ game winstreak doing just that, – and putting it on the WOT on the forums. That is kind of what angers me about the WOT player community, too much is based on stats and EFF ratings,

          • I agree, there is a vocal minority that are obsessed with stats. I ignore them since most are assholes…..it is a game after all. Just play for fun and what you want to get out of it and ignore the parts that annoy you.

  2. thx for weak sport guide , can u make M6 , T1 heavy and U.K heavy line weak sport ?

    • Getting to them. I plan on doing every tank, but guides take time to do.

    • TomcioKLB123 | October 5, 2013 at 6:21 am |

      The T1 and the M6 are actually really easy to pen if you have atleast a hundred(for the T1 that is and something like 130 for M6) of pen just shoot the UFP T1 had something like 80mm armor i guess and the M6 100mm I think. just shoot them in the frontal upper plate dead on or at their side if you have the opppertunity or if they are overangled as they just have garbage side and rear armor. Rember thou never shoot their lower glacis because that is rounded and has much stronger armor

  3. I gotta say WoT Guru, these guides are simply mind blowing. The amount of time that you must put into these has to be immeasurable, thank you for the hard work that you do. These are very insightful to the tricky art of penetration 😉

  4. Thank you for teaching me how to better protect my Jumbo. It’s a load of giggles making a hull-down stand in a T6 medium against multiple tier 8 mediums, and listening to their shells “tink” off your turret.

  5. Vk3001 (H) equip 8.8 cm KwK 36 L/56 and Medium Spall Liner can it will Penetration M4A3E2 Frontal View UFG# armor ?

  6. the M4A3E2 second turret only have 76 Mm armor , but it can get the 76 MM M1A2 good ROF . So which turret should i get ? If first Turret , which gun should i use ? i noob using Howitzer or HE shell

    • Use the first turret/105mm if you plan on using HEAT. If not use the second turret/top 76mm.

  7. You have the E2 here but what about the E8? I’m trying to figure out which is better to get after the M4. Thanks

    • Check out the “which tank line is right for you” page on here. It will help you out more so than weak spot guides.

    • I recommend taking the E2 with stock turret, 105mm, and HE no matter what. 105 HE is horrific on same tier/lower tier targets and is great for making higher tier tanks back off when they’re consistently losing modules and keep getting tracked. One caveat..to really use the 105 extremely well (i.e. accurate close quarters targeting or long distance sniping using ballistic arc), a 100+ crew is critical. The 105mm seemed to really start shining for me when my crew reached 40% in their second perk (100% in Snap Shot & Smooth Ride). Interestingly, I’ve found that putting a pair of binocs on the E2 seems to really help with sighting for long distance arcing shots. Another tactic I’ve found useful is to use auto-tracking with the 105 HE when facing same tier/lower tier opponents and using peek-a-boom during close encounters.

  8. I can’t possibly leave a thumbs up on every single weak spot guide you have up there, but I’m grinding through my American mediums and heavies, and through my German Tank Destroyer line (all are at tier VI now). Slower to advance, I know, but I’m learning a lot more by taking my time, especially when I have multiple opportunities to face off against the same tanks and try different tactics, which also, must be consistent with whether I’m in a medium, heavy, or TD shooting AP/HE rounds.

    This is so helpful, because while my TD can’t actually be the front line of the battle, if I have teammates playing the role of the medium/heavy tank, they’re actively lighting up my target and drawing its fire, allowing me to take my time lining up a more precise shot from the cover I’m hiding in nearby, and I don’t draw the enemy fire the second I shoot, even if my camo drops for a few seconds, because the enemy is already occupied by the tanks who should be at the front lines. My only concern then is whether or not the enemy arty noticed me (which, I’ll soon find out if something huge leaves a crater next to me or one shots my tank, and if the latter, fail on me for not positioning myself close enough to a structure to avoid being one-shotted by an artillery).

    Long winded comment, and my apologies, but Guru, please keep up the good work, and if you have the time, there is precisely (insert male body part here) in the ways of reliable guides for playing the 360 edition of this game….. so ANYTHING there would be extremely helpful, since we can’t train crews, assign skills, etc…. what CAN we do?


  9. anonymous | April 6, 2014 at 2:57 pm |

    and all the time i use the upgraded turret ._. now i see why they pen me easily…

  10. LoneWolfForever | June 2, 2014 at 3:17 am |

    Man, an extremely tough one > I have faced these many times but from now on, I am going to sneak up on them dude ( throws up his hands in surrender)

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