Weak Spot Guide: KV-5

The KV-5 is infamous in World of Tanks for its unique look and intimidating armor scheme.  Being a tier 8 Russian premium heavy tank that doesn’t see tier 10 tanks it can be difficult to destroyer in a fight.  This guide for World of Tanks KV-5 weak spots breaks down its effective armor.  You’ll learn every weak spot that you will need to easily take one down no matter what angle it is at.

World of Tanks KV-5 Weak Spots |Video Overview|

World of Tanks KV-5 Weak Spots |Frontal|

World of Tanks KV-5 Weak Spots Frontal

The KV-5 and its many cupolas is why it is well known.  The most famous is the poor radioman’s cupola that most players aim at in front of the turret.  In total the KV-5 has 4 different cupolas housing four of its six crew.  Starting at its front hull you face a very strong upper and lower glacis.  Seeing up to tier 9 most tanks will struggle to penetrate the front hull reliably.

Radioman’s & Driver’s Cupolas

Located above the upper glacis is both the radioman’s and driver’s cupola.  The radioman’s cupola is the weakest of the two with the center sitting between 145mm-150mm effective armor.  The outer edges range from 171mm to 244mm and you need to be careful not to land to far from the center.  The driver’s cupola is much stronger with only the center being 187mm effective.  Outside of here you’ll hit 225mm-338mm+ effective armor.  For a KV-5 driver you always want to keep moving to make it difficult for enemies to land well aimed shots on these areas.  If you are the one taking aim try to allow the KV-5 driver to “walk into” your pre-aimed shot.  Trying to follow a wiggling/moving KV-5 will slow your reload time down.

Turret Front

Focusing on the front turret you’ll notice it sacrifices some armor protection for its massive size.  There is a plethora of areas sitting between 180mm-186mm from the turret front and mantlet weak spots.  There are also several areas sitting at or under 212mm effective.  While tier 6/7 tanks will struggle to penetrate the turret most tier 8/9 tanks can easily.  The rule of thumb is to aim at the flattest area since the entire front is 180mm thick.

Commander’s & Loader’s Cupolas

On top of the turret you find two more cupolas!  For small tanks hitting these at close range will be difficult and also make them harder to penetrate.  The commander’s cupola is fairly strong with only a small strip of armor that meets the roof being considered weak.  It’s not recommended to aim for this cupola since the armor angles are all over the place.  On the other side of the roof is the loader’s cupola that is much easier to penetrate.  While a pinch stronger than the radioman’s cupola it is easy to damage by shooting at the center.

World of Tanks KV-5 Weak Spots |Side|

World of Tanks KV-5 Weak Spots Side

The side of the KV-5 is still difficult for most tanks facing it to penetrate.  Tier 6-7 tanks and some tier 8’s have a decent chance at bouncing.  If the KV-5 is angled it makes it much harder to damage since the tracks start to cover more of the side hull.  The easiest locations to damage are side hull areas with no tracks covering it since it is 150mm effective.  The cupolas are all viable weak spots if you land shots towards the center of them.  The edges of cupolas are still difficult to penetrate and shouldn’t be aimed for.

The turret side retains its massive size and poor angling making it a viable target.  Avoid shooting towards the front since this area on the turret sits at 228mm effectiveness.  Otherwise hitting the rest of the side turret or even the side of the mantlet area gives you a good chance to penetrate.

World of Tanks KV-5 Weak Spots |Rear|

World of Tanks KV-5 Weak Spots Rear

The weakest area of the KV-5 is its rear armor but that doesn’t mean you can get sloppy.  The rear hull sits between 93mm – 153mm effective armor but has stronger armor mixed in.  The 230mm plate in the middle of the rear hull can have you scratching your head when you hit it.  Hitting the bottom of the rear hull can also be difficult to penetrate.  Like the side armor hitting the flat rear turret and center of the loader’s cupola lead to easy penetrations.  Like the rest of the KV-5’s remember to shoot the flat armor areas and you’ll find yourself landing easy damage.

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  1. Frontal turret armor seems to be fucked up, even type59 with 175mm pen gets trough it almost all the time. Same goes with the mantlet, I’m not sure if they fixed it in 7.5 but in 7.4 an E2 shot there with AP and penetrated.

    • I noticed that too, mantlet being penetrate very often.
      Does anyone know the exact thickness of the gun mantlet? I read somewhere that it is around 180+180mm, not sure tho, in this case it wouldn.t be penetrated at all…

  2. It does get some odd penetrating hits on it’s turret. However, I have been unable to determine why and it seems largely random.

  3. R2D2 isn’t as easy to pen as you stated.

    I bounced 10 shots in a row from point blank (5 meters) with T-34 using 57mm gun (112 pen).

    It mostly bounced the short 88 shots as well unless you hit it at a perfect angle and don’t get unlucky with the pen roll.

    • Of course you will bounce if you don’t hit it on it’s flattest part with the lower pen guns(closer to 100mm pen) as the turret is round and has angles on it. If you hit it dead on a 100mm-ish pen gun will penetrate “reliably” much more than anywhere else on the tank.

  4. Hi Cody Menz,

    today I had a match with the vk3601 with the 88mm gun (132 average pen) at Ruinberg and I had the chance to hit the radioman turret of a KV-5 3-4 times at close range (less than 20 metres) and I couldn’t penetrate it at all. I shot trying to avoid weird angles, and yet nothing. Even the reticle showed an orange color, I remember it been green before. Do you know if they have change something in the kv-5 armor?

    PD: I can publish the replay in your WoT forum thread if you want to see it.

    • It hasn’t changed besides the normalization values(making it harder for AP to pen). Since the radioman turret is essentially a circle you need to hit it in a small thin strip that is flat towards you. If you hit it off by just a hair then you’ll be hitting 20 degrees+ armor which makes it very tough even for guns with 150mm+ penetration.

      • I tried to hit it flat towards me, looks like I got used to facing the KV-5 with guns with +150mm (JagdPz IV 75mm gun and above) and I thought it had weaker armor. Looks like with a 132 mm pen gun I can only have hopes of penetrating the KV-5 aiming at the commander’s hatch and some places at the rear, over the engine, isn’t it? What a pain in the ass…

  5. Thanks for the guide my first match i bounced 47 shells due to the effective armour andstill had more than 60% hp left and won

    • No problem, glad it helped you out! KV-5 is truly a great tank that rewards a bit of smart play.

  6. A small tip for new and Kv5 players that aren’t aware of this tanks greatest weapon, ramming. This tank weighs approx 100 tonne and moves at 40 km/h with ease on flatground. Making roughly 500 damage to tier 8 heavy tanks per ramming while you receive barely 100 damage. If you wanna excel in the ramming part of this tank this is what you should do, get super-heavy spall-liner (50% reduction from ramming & HE damage), Gun rammer (because ramming only take you so far) and crew skill controlled impact & clutch breaking. with these modification you will be able to ram and only take roughly 40 dmg. you will cause havok in the enemy team, giving you a chance for your teammates to pick of easy targets. And for you that are standing infront of a Kv5 rushing toward you, track him or it will be the last thing you will see in that game.

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