Chinese Weak Spot Guides

Weak spot guides for all current Chinese tanks here on WoT Guru can be found below.  Any additional weak spot guides that are added in the future will also be added to this page.  Generally Chinese tanks follow very closely to their Russian counterparts since they are based on the same vehicles/hulls in a lot of cases.  Generally the upper glacis is very tough due to it having a high angle with decent thickness.  The turret front on most high tier Chinese tanks is also generally strong aside from the high tier light tanks.  The main weak spots are the lower glacis, sides, rear, and armor that you can reduce the angle on to low it’s effective value.

Tier 10


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Tier 9 

Tier 8

 Type 59



Tier 7

Tier 6 

Tier 5 

Tier 4 

Tier 3

Tier 2

Tier 1

This page contain guides for World of Tanks Chinese weak spots will be updated to include any new Chinese weak spot guides when they are finished.

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