Weak Spot Guide: VK 4502 A

The tier 8 VK 45.02 ausf. A is often regarded as a poorly armored heavy tank.  With the 9.17.1 update this tank receives massive buffs to its frontal armor giving it much needed protection.  This guide for World of Tanks VK 4502 A weak spots breaks down the entire tank’s effective armor values.  You’ll learn very important frontal weak spots since this tank’s frontal armor is no longer a pushover.

World of Tanks VK 4502 A Weak Spots |Video Review|

World of Tanks VK 4502 A Weak Spots |Frontal|

World of Tanks VK 4502 A Weak Spots Frontal

The frontal armor looks much different with the 9.17.1 greatly increasing its protection.  Outside of one glaring weak spot above the tracks the next weakest area is 155mm effective.  Before 9.17.1 even the upper glacis was considered easy to penetrate for most tanks that the VK 45.02 A faces.  The upper glacis now sits at 262mm effective and at its weakest the lower glacis is 170mm effective.  While the lower glacis doesn’t protect the tank from tier 8+ tanks it will help against lower tiered tanks.  Above the tracks is 20mm thick angled area that is found on many German heavy tanks.  Don’t shoot just below the upper glacis since this area is 150mm thick.  Hitting the 20mm area means an almost guaranteed penetrate unless you forgot your daily sacrifices to the developers.

Higher up you have a spaced armor piece protecting much of the turret ring.  Avoid shooting here since it is very difficult to cause damage here.  The turret itself is protected against most shells found at tier 6-7.  Against tier 8-10 tanks the 188mm effective turret front is extremely weak for a heavy tank.  The turret roof is at an auto-bounce angle but until overmatch rules are changed 122mm+ rounds can penetrate here easily.  Surprisingly the cupola is very well armored with only the bottom center area being 168mm effective.  The angled top portion is 369mm efffective at its weakest and the edges are also strong.

World of Tanks VK 4502 A Weak Spots |Sides|

World of Tanks VK 4502 A Weak Spots Sides

The VK 45.02 A’s armor stops once you move on from the side armor.  Only a few areas around the front, turret ring, and cupola pose any problems.  The rest of the side armor falls below 149mm effective which is easy for even tier 6 tanks to penetrate reliably.  For guns with low penetrate just avoid hitting the track areas and slightly angled armor and you will be fine.

World of Tanks VK 4502 A Weak Spots |Rear|

World of Tanks VK 4502 A Weak Spots Rear

The rear armor is actually slightly harder to penetrate reliably than the side.  This is only the case if you decide not to shoot the massive lower rear hull area or rear turret area.  The cupola, angled sides, and angled rear hull pose some problems.  Unfortunately for the VK 45.02 A these areas are easy to avoid and difficult to get enemies to shoot at.

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