Weak Spot Guide: VK 4502 (P) Ausf. B

This guide for World of Tanks VK 45.02 B weak spots will break down the entire tank and its effective armor values.  Learn where to damage the VK 45.02 B from any angle and easily take one down.  Sitting at tier 9 the VK 45.02 (P) Aufs. B packs a lot of armor onto the front of its tank.  As of 9.17.1 the tank is receiving another overhaul to its armor.  The first change since the 9.2 update dramatically increased its armor protection.  Post 9.17.1 the VK 45.02 B’s armor remains extremely tough to damage frontally and has weak sides/rear armor to compensate.  The lower glacis receives a significant nerf compared to previous values.  It still however remains difficult to penetrate with many rounds on tier 10 tanks.  Wargaming compensated these nerfs by removing the upper glacis weak spots were removed and the side armor was buffed by 20mm.

World of Tanks VK 45.02 B Weak Spots |Frontal View|

Frontally the VK 45.02 (P) Ausf B’s frontal armor packs a punch against even tier 10 tanks.  The upper frontal glacis(UFG) is strong at 332mm effectiveness and the lower glacis sits at 259mm effectiveness.  The lower glacis can be penetrated by tier 10 guns but still packs enough armor to cause some bounces.  Adding a little angle to it does bring it high enough to bounce all but the strongest of rounds.  The main weak spots of the Vk 45.02 B are found around the the turret area.  The turret front and turret ring sit between 242mm-282mm effectiveness.  While tier 8 and 9 tanks may struggle against this, many tier 10s will punch through with premium rounds.

The weakest armor on the front is the cupola that outside of extreme angles can be penetrated by all tanks it faces.  It is difficult to hit close up since the rear mounted turret can hide it.  In other scenarios though it is the weakest armor to damage.

World of Tanks VK 45.02 B Weak Spots |Side View|

The side of the VK 45.02 B is very weak if you get a clear shot on it since the hull armor is 120mm with minimal angles while the turret armor at 160mm with minimal angles also is not well protected.  By avoiding the red sections where the armor is thicker and/or angled and you will find the side armor easy to penetrate.

World of Tanks VK 45.02 B Weak Spots |Rear View|

The rear of the VK 45.02 B like the side armor is not protected very well like its weak side armor.  You should avoid hitting the sections that are heavily angled on the rear. By doing this you will have no problem with damaging the rear armor.  Fortunately for you hitting the rear means module damage and a high chance of crew damage.

World of Tanks VK 45.02 B Weak Spots |Angled View|

This angled view is showing the scenario of a VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B over-angling.  When its side armor drops below 70 degrees it is vulnerable to incoming shells.  In this case use the green and yellow areas to easily go through it’s armor.  If you encounter a knowledgeable VK 45.02 B driver that sets up well to maximize their armor. You should focus on trying to hit the commander’s cupola on the turret.

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