Weak Spot Guide: VK 100.01 P

For a tier 8 tank the VK 100.01 P is a behemoth in both size and armor.  Being a precursor to the Maus means that the VK 100.01 P towers over its peers at tier 8.  With the large size comes some drawbacks since some of its weak spots are large and easy to hit.  It also isn’t as protected as the Maus and Mäuschen obviously being a tier 8.  This guide for World of Tanks VK 100.01 P weak spots will help you tackle one on the battlefield.  The entire tank’s armor is broken down across 5 different views.  Lastly effective armor values that take into account both vertical and horizontal angling help to understand the armor better.

World of Tanks VK 100.01 P Weak Spots | Frontal View |

World of Tanks VK 100.01 P Weak Spots Frontal View

Frontally the VK 100.01 P packs a ton of armor for a tier 8 heavy tank.  It isn’t without its weak spots however since it is not immune to even tier 6 tanks in places.  The primary weak spot is the most obvious in the lower glacis.  Being 125mm thick and only having 177mm effective armor makes it the weakest armor on the front.  All other locations on the front hull are extremely difficult even for tier 10 tanks to tackle without some luck.

Moving higher on the tank you find various spots that aren’t invincible and others that are.  The turret ring is easily hit under the gun and sits between 230mm-241mm effectiveness.  Next to the mantlet and the cupola are also capable of being penetrated.  Overall the turret armor still is protected extremely well against most shots.  Tier 8+ tanks if aimed properly can penetrate the yellow/orange areas somewhat effectively.  Tier 6 and 7 tanks on the other hand will struggle immensely aside from the lower glacis.

World of Tanks VK 100.01 P Weak Spots | Frontal View 2 |

World of Tanks VK 100.01 P Weak Spots Frontal View 2

One final front weak spot for tier 8+ tanks sits above the mantlet on the turret roof.  This area sits at 241mm effectiveness on the flat “forehead” and in a pinch can be shot at.  Keep in mind that flanking it on both sides are extremely tough pieces of armor.  In this image you also get a better view of the cupola’s armor strength if looking head on at the VK 100.01 P.

World of Tanks VK 100.01 P Weak Spots | Side View |

World of Tanks VK 100.01 P Weak Spots Side View

Being a tier 8 super heavy tank you can’t expect complete protection across the entire tank for the sake of balance.  The sides of the VK 100.01 P lose an immense amount of armor compared to the front section.  While many areas appear to be weak they are still leaps and bounds better than many other tier 8 tank’s side armor.  When stacked up to the Vk 100.01 P’s frontal armor they can be considered weak spots, especially due to the large side profile.

For most tier 8-10 tanks the majority of the side can be easily penetrated if not angled.  Keep in mind that sections of the side hull’s spaced armor(purple) do not actually have hull armor behind it  For best results aim at the upper side hull or side turret since the armor is weak and easy to hit.  The further down the hull you go the stronger the armor becomes due to multiple layers of armor/tracks.

World of Tanks VK 100.01 P Weak Spots | Rear View |

The trend continues from the side armor with the rear armor being the weakest area of the Vk 100.01 P.  Unique to the tank is an extremely large spaced armor “bumper’ covering the weak 40mm rear hull armor.  This helps negate HE and HEAT shells very effectively since it has a large gap between the two armor plates.  Unfortunately for the VK 100.01 P most of the rear armor falls below 175mm effectiveness.  Simply avoid shooting the purple and angled yellow-red areas and you’ll damage the rear armor easily.

World of Tanks VK 100.01 P Weak Spots | Angled View |

Here’s a simplistic view of an angled VK 100.01 P to illustrate its main weak spot.  If you fire under the spaced armor above the tracks you’ll hit a very weak area of armor.  This area is covered by 40mm of track armor plus 100mm behind it making it the weakest section.  Otherwise you’ll need to contend with much stronger areas highlighted in yellow/orange.

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