Weak Spot Guide: Valentine II

The tier 4 Russian premium light tank Valentine II is very similar to its British peer the Valentine.  Both share great armor for a light tank and sacrifice speed/firepower to have above average armor.  The armor of the Valentine II has very thick armor in all the right places and where to armor gets thin it is usually highly angled which gives it great armor across the front, side, and rear.  This weak spot guide will show you the best and worst places to shoot a Valentine.






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  1. Gate_of_Hell | March 6, 2015 at 4:03 am |

    The back ribbed deck, angled as it is, will bounce shots from the same elevation. This is true for T-127 shooting Gold with a 84mm pen.

    • Only if you are shooting up at it since it is only 17mm thick at a 61 degree angle. That means a 51mm+ gun overmatches it or otherwise it only has 35mm effective armor.

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