Weak Spot Guide: Type 5 Heavy

This guide for World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy weak spots will break down the tank into areas based on effective armor values.  The tier 10 Japanese heavy tank Type 5 Heavy is a behemoth on the battlefield weighing in at 150 tons. It has the armor to allow it to withstand a beating from the majority of tanks the Type 5 Heavy faces.  The Type 5 Heavy will be expected to soak up a lot of damage as it trudges across the battlefield.  Knowing how to defeat a Type 5 Heavy by focusing on its weak spots will not only help you face enemy Type 5’s but also will improve your own performance in the Type 5 Heavy.

Green areas are the easiest places to penetrate, followed by yellow/orange, and the red areas are places with the strongest armor.  Purple areas are places where there is either no hull armor behind them(track area) or small external modules that can cause zero-damage critical hits.

World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy Weak Spots |Frontal View|

World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy Weak spots

Much like the Maus the Type 5 Heavy is tough to damage for almost every tank it faces.  The weakest the front hull drops to is 261mm effectiveness on a small hatch on the upper hull.  The weakest point on the turret front is an impressive 287mm effective armor value.  Most tier 10 heavies these areas would be colored red but on the Type 5 Heavy these sometimes are the only areas you can potentially damage.

The weakest area on the Type 5 Heavy is located at the cupola.  Hitting the cupola where you want to can be tricky since it is very complex.  The bottom most area sits between 210mm-256mm effectiveness across the center area.  Towards the edges this gets easily above 300mm effectiveness.  A small “strip” located just above this area that is only 210mm effective in the center.  This small area is the weakest are on the Type 5’s front but is impossible to hit with much success. The cupola then tops off with stronger armor on the top since its angle returns.  The cupola is your best bet to damage the Type 5 from the front if you aim.  Make sure to land hits in the center of the cupola and avoid the outside edges.

World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy Weak Spots |Side View|

World of Tanks Type 5 Weak Spots Side View

Coming from the front of the Type 5 the side armor is a piece of cake in comparison.  A trait of Japanese heavy tanks is weak side armor relative to the front armor. The Type 5 Heavy suffers from this with a lot of areas below 200mm effectiveness.  The strongest areas are found on the cupola, turret ring, and front hull cheek.  Outside of these spots simply hit the flat side turret/hull armor for easy damage.

World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy Weak Spots |Rear View|

World of Tanks Type 5 Weak Spots Rear View

The rear hull armor sees the armor protection continue to drop coming from the side armor.  The only areas that are above 212mm are foun don the cupola and turret edges.  Even tier 8 tanks will have no problem penetrating the rear armor.  Just stick to shooting the flat parts on the rear turret and hull and you will have no problems.

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