Weak Spot Guide: Type 4 Heavy

The tier 9 Japanese super heavy tank Type 4 Heavy brings a massive armor threat to any fight.  Like many Japanese heavy tanks it has above average armor across the frontal profile.  It shares a very similar design with the Type 5 Heavy that sits after it at tier 10.  The Type 4 has slightly thinner armor and a different rear hull layout compared to the Type 5 Heavy.  This guide is for World of Tanks Type 4 Heavy weak spots.  You will learn every weak spot that you need to take a Type 4 Heavy down and also its effective armor values.

World of Tanks Type 4 Heavy Weak Spots |Video|

World of Tanks Type 4 Heavy Weak Spots |Frontal View|

World of Tanks Type 4 Heavy Weak Spots

For a tank this massive it would be a disappointment for it to have bad frontal armor.  The Type 4 doesn’t disappoint by having very few locations that fall below 250mm effectiveness.  The weakest area on the front is located on the cupola.  There is a thin strip that runs through the cupola that at its weakest is 200mm effective.  If you aim towards the center of the cupola and try to stick close to the turret roof you will hit its weakest armor.  Stray to far towards the edges and you hit armor that is above 280mm effective.

Other than the cupola the Type 4 doesn’t have many other areas easily damaged.  There is a small “view finder” area on the turret sides that technically is the weakest spot frontally.  Hitting this extremely small location is next to impossible on a frequent basis.  The turret front has an area that sits at 257mm effectiveness and next to it the armor increases to 270mm-287mm.  Looking lower at the hull you find no areas below 250mm effectiveness.

For lower tier tanks facing the Type 4 Heavy you are often left with low percentage shots, HE rounds, or using premium rounds.  Even for tier 10 tanks it can be difficult to pull off consecutive penetrations due to the great armor protection.

World of Tanks Type 4 Heavy Weak Spots |Side View|

World of Tanks Type 4 Heavy Weak Spots Side View

Unfortunately for Type 4 Heavy drivers the armor doesn’t continue across the rest of the tank.  Almost the entire side of the tank is below 218mm effective.  Even worse most of the side hull is between 145mm-170mm effective armor.  If you find yourself shooting at the Type 4’s side armor just avoid the few areas highlighted in yellow-red.  The only way that the side armor becomes difficult to penetrate is if it is angled significantly.

World of Tanks Type 4 Heavy Weak Spots |Rear View|

World of Tanks Type 4 Heavy Weak Spots Rear View

Like the side armor the rear armor of the Type 4 Heavy is extremely vulnerable.  The only strong areas are the angled turret edges and also parts of the cupola.  Simply shoot at the extremely weak rear hull armor and flat rear turret for best results.

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