Weak Spot Guide: T32

The T32 heavy tank is well known to any seasoned player as a tank with insane turret/mantlet armor since the T32 excels at hiding most of the tank and simply exposing it’s impenetrable gun/mantlet.  Most overlook that the T32’s hull is actually quite good and can be relied upon in most situations. It is recommended to avoid aiming for the T32’s turret unless you have a good shot at the commander’s hatch.

The index at the bottom of each picture describes a few abbreviations used and also the format in which the armor details are described in. Effective Armor (EA) refers to the overall effectiveness of the armor without normalization.   The armor values are presented in three different scenarios for the angled view of the tank.15° frontal(75° side),  25° frontal(65° side), 35° frontal(55° side), and 45° frontal(45° side).

World of Tanks T32 Weak Spots |Frontal View|


Frontally the T32 might not have the best protection of the tier 8 heavy group but the armor still gives it a decent amount of protection.

World of Tanks T32 Weak Spots |Angled View|


Angling a T32 is a double-edged sword since it helps make the frontal hull armor much stronger but at the same time opens up the 76mm sides if you over angle.  Generally it is best to not angle over 20° since anymore and the sides drop below the auto-bounce angle.

World of Tanks T32 Weak Spots |Side View|


 The T32 is very vulnerable from this sides besides the turret armor. Simply aim at the hull and you are good to go.

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  1. Love this tank. Has to be my favorite right now, Right next to my IS-3

  2. Hi.
    Does the T34 own the same armor ?

  3. This tank can be s SOB for me to pen in my IS6! I shoot for the ball mounted machine-gun, but even at close range it seem rare that I pen i! And even with standard ammo in IS6 I have a 131-219mm pen roll – but again there are VERY few times that I can recall penning them frontally at various ranges and even at basically dead straight on to my shot! I mean if i am in brawling distance I sill pen the ball-mount and then work my way to the side (gotta LOVE that angled IS6 side armor – SO MANY bounces when brawling!) and with my 9.65 reload time and FAR superior dmg – as long as I am close I almost always win – but like I said – even shooting APCR at the front at range of this tank RARELY gets me through! And i suspect most of those are from hitting the machine gun – i RARELY use premium ammo in IS6 as I normally have no need for it, but last weekend APCR was the only way to TRY to keep up! And my KV5 was MUCH better for the half price premium weekend! I SWEAR it was nerfed (the KV5) to oblivion til they started selling it in giftshop again! now it seems it is back to it’s former 8.0 glory (as it seem you need to shoot downward at R2D2 if you want to do any dmg again! i mean a regular shot to the R2 knocks out radio-man with no HP dmg – and the radioman on a KV5 isnt even worth a medkit!)

    Anyway since IS7 STILL sucks since LFG nerf and speed nerf and is going lower in overall %s worldwide – and the T110E5 is now the go-to tank in CW At least my other 3 T10s (E50M, Batchat 25t, E-100, and the currently crappy IS7) are all doing well (for me and overall – especially the batty – still king of the mobile BURST) and I figure if I get the T110E5 I will always have a tank that is wanted. I always focus on the endgame – when i first worked 4 E-100 when i first stated playing it was considered the king of the battle field ( will be my 2nd year in sept!!) – but I SUCKED back then cause I knew nothing of weakspots and angiling – and the E75 and E-100 were nerfed to their WORST ever, right when i got the E75!

    I am feeling like I will have fun with the T32 when working towards the T110E5 – as long as I don’t get nefed out like I did with E75-E100 and IS8-IS7 anyway!

    • About that part when you cant pen that machine gun port, i actually have theory about that. Shell of IS-6 top cannon is 12.2 cm wide and that machine gun port (from looking at it and when comparing to T32’s cannon on the picture) i estimate its about 15cm. So you have like 2.8 cm tolerance on your accuracy to actually hit it (and thats not much even at point blank range). So i think you’re just hiting the sides of upper glacis. Don’t take it for granted, its just a theory, but maybe you can try to hit the same port in training with a lower caliber gun and see how it goes. 😀

  4. Oh to be certain every time i said front there, I was referring to THE FRONTAL HULL – certainly not the turret – I never waste a shot there – only t10 premium if I have no other option and I want to snipe instead of brawl.

  5. its good but im curious how did you get that kind of money and exp? are you GM? hehe..

    • Whenever a new patch comes out you can log into the test server and have your account with added exp/credits like you see here.

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