Weak Spot Guide: T29

The tier 7 American heavy tank T29 is a superb tier 7 tank that not only has great armor but also firepower and gun depression.  The T29 is difficult for most tanks around it’s tier to face but when you throw in it’s great armor scheme it becomes even more dangerous.  While it does lack some armor on it’s hull(specifically the lower hull) the T29 excels at hiding it’s hull with it’s turret armor and gun depression.

World of Tanks T29 Weak Spots |Frontal View|


Frontally the T29 can be a tough nut to crack if played by a skilled driver.  Even against tier 9 tanks its turret is nearly immune to all shots thrown at it.  Only a few small spots on the turret can be penetrated semi-reliably.  Most T29 drivers will abuse this and keep their tanks hull down as much as possible.  Outside of this tactic their weaker hull leaves them vulnerable.  The upper glacis can be tough for lower tier tanks to damage.  The lower glacis on the other hand is very weak and tier 5 tanks will penetrate it easily.

Side View

The side armor on the T29 is extremely weak on the hull and virtually every tank it sees can penetrate it.  Simply avoid shooting the thicker turret sides and you will be alright.  Towards the front end and rear of the turret the armor is more difficult to penetrate due to angles/thickness.

Rear View

Much like the side armor the rear of the T29 is extremely vulnerable to taking damage.  Simply aim at the center of the rear hull and you won’t have any difficultly damaging it.

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