Weak Spot Guide: T26E5

The T26E5 is a very easy to use premium tier 8 heavy tank with above average armor.  Given its good mobility, solid gun, and gun depression it is no wonder its difficult to face off against.  This guide for World of Tanks T26E5 weak spots will help you learn the ins and outs of its armor.  While the T26E5’s armor is excellent for a tier 8 it does have its holes if you know where to aim.

World of Tanks T26E5 Weak Spots |Video Overview|

World of Tanks T26E5 Weak Spots |Frontal|

World of Tanks T26E5 Weak Spots Frontal

The front armor profile of the T26E5 is extremely complex with many small areas in the main areas.  First you have the lower glacis that is the “go to” weak spot area on the T26E5.  Most of it sits between 166mm – 177mm effective in the green areas.  There are several other areas that see thicker armor and/or increased angles that are slightly stronger.  For most tier 8+ tanks the entire lower plate is an easy place to damage a T26e5.  If you are in a tier 6-7 tank make sure to hit the center or outside areas highlighted in green.

The upper glacis is significantly stronger sitting anywhere from 205mm – 237mm effective armor.  You might think that the flat machine gun and clan emblem areas are much weaker but they are not.  Against tier 9/10 tanks the upper glacis isn’t strong enough to provide complete protection on flat ground.  For tier 6-8 tanks it will pose some difficulty with penetrating reliably.

With its great gun depression the turret is the area of the T26E5 most enemies will be shooting at.  Fortunately for the T26E5 its turret is extremely strong.  It is not without its weak spots and while small are holes in its armor.  Beneath the mantlet you have an area that sits between 191mm – 202mm effectiveness.  To the left/right of the mantlet the turret front is 222mm effective.  Above the mantlet also is a small strip with 199mm effective armor.  While these areas aren’t the easiest to hit they do provide tanks a chance to penetrate the turret front.

On the turret roof you have a small ledge of armor that can be inciting to shoot at.  For most tanks penetrating it is difficult since it ranges from 232mm to 274mm+ effectiveness and is difficult to pinpoint a shot on.  The cupola is surprisingly tough to penetrate with no easy to weak spots given their size.  Along the bottom of it is a small 177.8mm thick piece angled at 12 degrees that is 182mm effective in the center.  Towards the top center is another 205mm effective location.  Actually hitting these areas is difficult to even achieve at close ranges unless the T26E5 isn’t moving.  It would be wise to only try to tackle the cupola if your tank has 240mm+ penetration.

World of Tanks T26E5 Weak Spots |Side|

World of Tanks T26E5 Weak Spots Side

The sides of the T26E5 are extremely weak compared to its frontal armor.  The side hull and most of the turret side fall well below 179mm effectiveness.  The main areas to avoid are towards the front of the turret and also the cupola.  The opposite side of the T26E5’s turret isn’t the same as the left side shown here.  The armor doesn’t drop down in thickness as quickly and instead reaches back to the cupola.  It still falls below 120mm effectiveness like the left side but is slightly stronger.

World of Tanks T26E5 Weak Spots |Rear|

World of Tanks T26E5 Weak Spots Rear

The rear of the T26E5 is also very weak when stacked up against the front armor.  If you simply avoid shooting around the stronger areas on the turret you’ll have no problem.  The rear turret roof and also the engine deck being as thin as they are can be overmatched.  Not that you will be struggling to penetrate the rear hull but the options are available if need be.

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