Weak Spot Guide: T25 AT

The tier 7 American tank destroyer T25 AT is a very mobile tank destroyer that if it had a turret would play more like a medium tank than a tank destroyer.  The T25 AT does not have a great deal of armor but the frontal armor is capable of protecting it against tier 5 and some tier 6 tanks.  This weak spot guide will break down the T25 AT according to a frontal, side, and rear view.  In each view the areas that are easiest to penetrate(green), toughest to penetrate (red), and in the middle(yellow) will be shown to help you face the T25 AT.

World of Tanks T25 AT Weak Spots |Frontal View|T25AT_Frontal

Frontally the T25 At does pose a threat to lower tier enemies since its upper glacis is well angled and the lower glacis is still strong enough to give other low tier enemies a problem.  The gun mantlet is also very large and is tougher than other areas of the frontal armor so avoid it.  Underneath the gun there is a small flat spot that isn’t covered by the gun mantlet and is easier to penetrate than the lower glacis if you are within 50m of the T25 AT.  The weakest armor is found on the commander cupola on top as well as any small view ports that have very low armor protection.

World of Tanks T25 AT Weak Spots |Side View|


The side of the T25 AT is very straightforward and easy to deal with for tier 6+ tanks facing the T25 AT.  If you are in a tier 5 or a low penetrating tier 6 then you will want to stick to firing at the green locations since the yellow/red locations may cause bounces.  Like the frontal armor view it is best to stay away from the gun area since that is where the strongest armor is on a T25 AT.

World of Tanks T25 AT Weak Spots |Rear View|


The rear of the T25 AT is armored poorly and as long as you do not hit a red section you will be fine.  These areas are highly angled and will cause many bounces for most guns firing at these areas.  The green and yellow areas are weak enough for almost all tanks to easily penetrate a T25 AT in these areas.

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