Weak Spot Guide: T18

The tier 2 American tank destroyer T18 is a menace for many low tier tanks due to it’s overall armor layout being thicker than most low tier tanks.  This guide will be more simplistic than the higher tiered guides to keep it easy to understand for newer players.  Green are the easiest locations to damage, followed by yellow/orange, and then red is the hardest locations to damage. Purple means there is no hit box(shells pass through) or for other areas there is no chance of doing HP damage by shooting there.  EA(Effective Armor) refers to the armor’s strength against HE/HEAT rounds while AP(Armor against AP rounds) refers to the strength against AP/APCR/APDS rounds.





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  1. DarkNamelessOne | September 24, 2013 at 7:59 pm |

    I hate trying to penetrate this tanks armor when I am shooting with a small caliber auto cannon. Just watching my shots bounce off till his big gun creams me. Is annoying as all get out. LOL

    • I hear you mate. That’s why I love playing one 😉 I figured if I could not beat them, I’d join them! My top tier tank is Tier 7 so far, but besides my Hellcat, this ugly little beauty is my fav for both low tier urban sneaks and open range sniping. It’s also pretty darn quick for all that armor. Be sure to get some nice looking camo if you plan to run this one for a while as it’s a pretty ugly but imposing tank. The right camo makes it look even more sinister 😉

      I’ve packed the optics, periscope, and camo net for upgrades, and have got the ‘top gun’ (6 kills in one map) a few times now.

      Highly recommended! 🙂

    • Just don’t attack it head on. (unless you have a powerful gun) Hit it in the sides or rear. (& use gold rounds) Pz1c w/gold rounds can smoke a T18 at 100+ meters, from any angle, in less than a second. (I’ve had it happen many times, while in my T18) A Pom-Pom gun + circle of death will make short work of a T-18 as well. If you can work as a team w/another tank, it’s easy to flank/destroy T18’s.
      The T18’s 75mm has such a slow speed, high trajectory (almost like artillery) & poor accuracy, that at long range I’ve often seen the shell fired/coming at me & simply moved out of the way before it landed. Then while waiting for it’s long reload time, I move in while zig-zagging, get behind it & finish it off. I often even have time to type “(good bye”, or “Hi:-)”) to the T18 player, before he can rotate & get another shot off. T18’s ( are only a problem for anyone who doesn’t know how to fight them, ie, inexperienced players. Anyone w/over 1,000 battles shouldn’t have much trouble w/T18s. That being said, the T18 is very effective when used properly. It’s a very forgiving vehicle, great for new players.

      • John Krupski | March 24, 2014 at 8:35 pm |

        I got a shell rammer plus my crew is so good i got a 4.63 sec reload for the 75mm

    • Stan Doffarf | March 28, 2014 at 3:19 am |

      This is useful info. I’ve dreaded seeing T18s on the MM in Tier 2 matches until recently. They were instant death. Now I’ve elited my MS-1 and AT-1 to be sniping TDs, I’m fragging gung ho T18 commanders on a regular basis. Even with my tiny little MS-1. Track them if you can, then punch through that weak glacis plate. Using camo and patience to stick a shell up their tailpipe is also effective.

  2. The bet way to kill a T18 with a 37mm i with God rounds. Found that they go right through the gun mantle. If you have an FT AC, use the 25mm Automatic as the entire clip will do the job. either regular or God rounds. Same pentratration, same DP.

    • Or from the sides & rear. “Circle of Death” + an auto cannon (like a Pom-Pon) w/Gold rounds, is effective against T18s. I’ve finished off many that way.

      • Not sure how you would know Dont_cry with your stats. Performance rating= “very bad” lol

      • “Not sure how you would know Dont_cry with your stats. Performance rating= “very bad” lol”
        I would know from experience, you moron. & “Dont_cry” isn’t even my WoT name. I guess you just ASSumed it was?
        OK Max. I check “Max” stats (which must be you, right?) & they have 0 battles. You’ve never even played WoT.
        Anyway, I don’t know about any of your nonsense, I only know that I don’t have much trouble w/T18’s & I’ve killed a lot of them & my stats are slightly above average. (though I don’t care about stats because they mean nothing) So you can take that how however you wish & do w/it as you like. Just “dont cry” about it.

  3. You have some many great weak spot guides. Do you have plans for the T2 Medium in the near future? Just wondering. Thanks!
    – Mike

    • When I get to it. Right now trying to finish tank guides then it is back to weak spots

  4. I watched your first utube vids and noticed you had a second window open on a different zoom. How can I do that. Appreciate reply. Thanks. Geoff.

    • The only mod I use for World of Tanks is J1mb0’s crosshair mod(with the added zoom levels, but without XVM). So anything you see different from a “stock” game would be contained in that.

  5. one time i hit 12 times on a t18 and dint died

    My vehicle was a Vickers Medium Mk. II

  6. A time i hit a T18 with a Medium II and dint died »:(

  7. I’ve noticed that when I hit a T18 in the tracks with my TI Cunningham, it disables the track, but the tank doesn’t lose HP. Is this the purple areas?

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