Weak Spot Guide: T1 Cunningham

Being a tier 1 tank the T1 Cunningham like other tier 1′s does not sport a great deal of armor. However, there are still spots to avoid shooting as bouncing is more likely or there is simply no hit box there to do HP damage.  This guide will be more simplistic than the higher tiered guides to keep it easy to understand for newer players.  Green are the easiest locations to damage, followed by yellow/orange, and then red is the hardest locations to damage. Purple means there is no hit box(shells pass through) or for other areas there is no chance of doing HP damage by shooting there.





2 Comments on "Weak Spot Guide: T1 Cunningham"

  1. Must remember to go hull down with my T1!!!

  2. anonymous | April 6, 2014 at 3:35 pm |

    i dont think that’s a good idea, expose its track will be more likely to lure enemy to shoot that juicy hull than the paper turret =))

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