Weak Spot Guide: T-25

The tier 5 premium German medium tank T-25 has above average armor for a medium tank at tier 5 and can be tricky to deal with for newer players.  The traditional lower glacis weak spot is not there since on the T-25 this area is actually stronger than the frontal upper glacis and this can throw some players off.  The T-25’s armor mainly protects it from poorly aimed shots and also from tier 3/4 tanks.  Even though it is decent for a medium tank, lower tier tanks can still hit weak spots to penetrate the T-25 at any angle.

Frontal View


Frontally the T-25 has very good armor for a medium tank and with the lower glacis not being a weak spot it can puzzle some players.  The lower glacis(red) has 83mm of effective armor which is higher than the 76mm of effective armor the upper glacis(yellow) has.  The turret front is also weak where it is highlighted in yellow and the angled red sections on the turret are the only strong points.  The small top hatches on top of the turret are only 10mm thick and will be penetrated by virtually any gun the T-25 faces.  There are two small view ports on the frontal hull that have zero armor and the other green locations all have under 60mm of effective armor.

Side View


The side profile of the T-25 is very straightforward to deal with as long as you do not hit the purple sections of the tracks.  In this area there is no hull armor behind the tracks and you will do no HP damage to the T-25 and most likely will just damage the tracks.  Otherwise the only tough sections are highlighted in red on the turret, and even in these locations the armor is easy enough to damage for most tanks the T-25 faces.

Rear View


The rear profile of the T-25 is even weaker than the side armor and only poses trouble with poorly placed shots that hit the red or purple sections.  The yellow area on the rear hull is only 20mm thick but can be overmatched by any 60mm+ guns and easily penetrated.  Just avoid hitting towards the sides of the T-25 where the stronger armor is and you will do fine against the T-25.

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