Weak Spot Guide: PzKpfw VIB Tiger II

The PzKpfw VIB Tiger II(known as the King Tiger or Tiger II) is the German tier 8 heavy tank for the E-100 heavy tank line. The Tiger II has passable armor for a tier 8 heavy tank since almost the bulk of its armor is concentrated on the upper glacis and turret front.  Other areas suffer from the armor being concentrated in two main locations as the other areas are relatively weak for a tier 8 heavy tank, especially on the sides and rear.  Fortunately for the Tiger II it has decent gun depression allowing it to hide its lower glacis and making it difficult for many tier 8 and under tanks that it faces to penetrate it reliably.  Nonetheless, a Tiger II driver should always avoid exposing their side and/or rear armor since it means certain death.

This guide for World of Tanks Tiger II weak spots breaks down the Tiger II into many armor zones with different thicknesses and angles associated with them.  Armor is sorted weakest(green) to strongest(red) with yellow/orange armor being moderate in strength.  The index at the bottom of each picture describes a few abbreviations used and also the format in which the armor details are described in. Effective Armor (EA) refers to the overall effectiveness of the armor without normalization.

World of Tanks Tiger II Weak Spots Frontal View


Frontally the Tiger II has great armor on the frontal turret and upper glacis against same tier or lower tier enemies not firing premium rounds.  The main weak spots are the lower glacis and also the center of the commander cupola. The commander’s hatch can be tricky if you do not hit the area highlighted in green since above that is armored that is heavily angled and is very difficult to penetrate. Thereis also an area around the gun where the mantlet is 185mm thick with no angling on it which makes it a usable weak spot if you are unable to hit the lower glacis or commander’s cupola reliably.

World of Tanks Tiger II Weak Spots Side View


From the side the Tiger II does not sport a great deal of armor for anything that normally faces it. You simply need to avoid the few turret strong points and also shooting the track areas with no hull armor behind them.

World of Tanks Tiger II Weak Spots Rear View


Like the sides of this tank the rear is also very vulnerable. Only the heavily angled turret sides/roof are strong enough to bounce shots.

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  1. “German tier 8 heavy tank for the Maus heavy tank line” actually it’s the E-100 Line. Otherwise nice guide as always 😉

  2. I don’t know what planet you are from…there was not one instance in WW II of the frontal armor being penetrated on the Tiger II tank. In a face-to-face confrontation, this tank was unstoppable. A standing order with Sherman drivers was that if the engagement was not 5 on 1 in favor of the Shermans, the Shermans were to retreat. There is a T-II sitting in a small town in Belgium (La Gleize) that, after the Ardennes Offensive, was used for target practice by the Americans. That tank took 5 rounds at point blank range on the upper and the lower glacis, and even on the seams, and none penetrated…not even close (one round burned its way in to a depth or about two and a half inches; still had a long way to go). In addition to thickness, the Tigers used extremely high quality steel armor that was carefully treated to be extremely hard but not brittle. Unbelievably, P-47’s did destroy some Tigers from the top (engine/mobility kill) using only 0.50 cal. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • Well, see – the problem is that, perhaps unfortunately, while the Tiger II (and Tiger I for that matter) were virtual monstrosities during WW2, there are many tanks in the game that were built Post-WW2, and some decades past in order to keep up with some of the monsters unleashed by several powers during the war, along with experimental designs that, while in theory would have been lethal, were either too costly at the time, or virtually antiquated by the time they were completed.

      At any rate, the Tiger II in-game is usually placed in battles where it could tentatively be called an equal against it’s competition, and often against tanks that could be considered better by sheer merit of either being ridiculous fantasy designs built on desperation, or simply by merit of being designed decades later – on the shoulders of giants, if you will.
      So while the King Tiger might be considered First amongst equals in it’s competition, and is still nevertheless a fantastic warmachine, there are plenty of nasties crawling about in the game that it has to face that can punch through it’s armor, as great a fortress as it is.

    • Tusk,

      Why act the douche? This guy makes these guides simply to help people, and you come along giving know-it-all-asshat history lessons. Shame on you.

  3. @Tusk
    You know this is a guide for the game World of Tanks right?
    And as it being a game, it is not always the same as IRL.

    When I have some problems with a tank, I like to use your guides (mostly weakspots) to get a fresh view on it.
    Thanks for the effort you put in the guides.

  4. @Tusk
    ” In addition to thickness, the Tigers used extremely high quality steel armor that was carefully treated to be extremely hard but not brittle”

    Except russian tests at Kubinka showed that steel used for Tiger II armor was of very poor quality and overall gave same protection as armor on Tiger I.

    Quoting you:
    “Sorry to burst your bubbl.”.

    • Hmm I wonder why that could be. OH! I know! They testes it about 70 years after the war and from which it was made. (And the germans blew up these tanks when they were abandoning them.) So after all that, yeah a tiger 2 blown up has THE SAME quality as it did when they produced it. Yeah ok, maybe in your wold. -_-

      • Not really. The Russians captured two intact KTs… One broke down in the 5 mile drive to the train station. The other they used to test with the above results.

        Should you be familiar with the WWII tank design, you would know of this report.

        • Those armor tests involved shooting at one tank until the armor broke. Not exactly scientific.

  5. DIN german steel standard is one of the best( most often the best) standard in the world+ germans r without no doubt the gods of chemistry… Russian tanks in ww2 were mostly based on tractor chassis and many of them like kv-1 Spontaneously malfunctioned and stopped working…Russian never build anything good(once produced Tv’s that become houses for birds in china)…while germans immediately raised again as power and nowadays as superpower and most of time give money to your Russia helping them to keep up….germans had only and only 1 major problem in WW2 ==> resources like oil that’s all! now go play WOT on eu servers that placed in germany

    • Did you just say the Russians never built anything good? Did you totally forget about the T-42? It defiantly outclassed panzers in the early years of the war. And another thing, Germany had alot of those resource problems because they had an idiot running their country. Hitler loved nothing more than dumping money and resources into “wonder weapons”. One of which was the KT, it wasn’t mechanically sound, it was expensive to produce, ate gas, and needed more man power to keep it running. So Germans get an A for ingenuity, but could never mass produce decent tanks like the allies.

  6. German Tank Lover | November 1, 2013 at 11:47 pm |

    in the 8.8 update they increased a lot of the armor values like the turret on the front glacis now is had equivalent armor value to 220 mm of armor not 120 anymore and now the copula has 180 mm if i remember correctly, just to let you know so you’re more accurate as the game progresses.

    • All guides will be updated in the next few days. Just getting around to them since I have more time now.

  7. One thing you might want to note, for those coming here who have either purchased a Tiger II or looking for weakspots. The roof armor that slants down may be at nearly autobounce, but it is only 40mm. This means that if you have a high-calibre gun (120mm+), you will “overmatch” it and penetrate. In wot, overmatching overrides autobounce. So don’t let the red layer fool you.

    • That goes for many places on tanks. I try to keep the guides simple to an extent to make it easier on both the reader and myself. I’ll make note of this and try to point it out in useful places though.

  8. I love your guides, but I just checked WOT tank viewer for the Tiger 2, and the machinegun port isn’t a weakness anymore?

    • The MG port is not a weakspot in tiger 2 but it remains as a weakspot fot jagdtiger…Just WTF WG????

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