Weak Spot Guide: Panther II

The Panther II at tier 8 doesn’t exude a ton of armor but it does have several areas that can pose trouble for opposing tanks.  This guide for World of Tanks Panther 2 weak spots will help you tackle this tank on the battlefield.  For Panther II drivers you also learn how strong your armor is an how to get the most out of it.  The listed effective armor values take into account both the armor thickness and angle.  This gives you a clear picture of how strong the armor actually is, instead of just going off of thickness alone.

World of Tanks Panther II Weak Spots | Frontal View |

World of Tanks Panther 2 weak spots frontal view

Frontally the Panther II does not have great armor for its tier when it comes to effective armor values.  On top of that the Panther II is also extremely large for a medium tank and taller than many of its peers.  Virtually any tank you come across can penetrate your lower hull and upper glacis reliably.  The only strong areas are the angled turret edges and mantlet area.  Keeping the Panther II’s hull hidden should be high on your list if you are playing on.  Better yet you should try not to be seen at all since this tank takes damage fast.

As of the 9.17.1 update the Panther II’s cupola is no longer considered strong.  Much of it dropped from 120mm down to 60mm on the upper angled sections.  The only remaining strong areas are the outer most left/right angled edges.

World of Tanks Panther II Weak Spots | Side View |

World of Tanks Panther 2 weak spots side view

Knowing that the front armor of the Panther II has issues with protection its side armor isn’t a surprise.  Even the angled portions of the turret can be penetrated by most tanks you face off against.  Simply avoid hitting any heavily angled areas and damaging a Panther II side is a piece of cake.

World of Tanks Panther II Weak Spots | Rear View |

World of Tanks Panther 2 weak spots rear view

Much like the side armor the rear is virtually unprotected for a tier 8 tank.  The only way to bounce off of the rear Panther II armor is to hit it at an auto-bounce angle.

World of Tanks Panther II Weak Spots | Angled View |

World of Tanks Panther 2 weak spots angled view

One tactic a Panther II driver can do is to over angle their tank and try to get an enemy to hit the front armor.  While this leaves your frail side armor exposed it can save you against an otherwise damaging shot.  This tactic works best at closer ranges at the last second before an enemy fires.  While it isn’t always effective it is better than a 100% chance of being penetrated by tier 8-10 tanks without trying it.

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