Weak Spot Guide: Object 705A

The Object 705A packs an impressive front, side, and angled armor profile into a streamlined design..  The Object 705A is a difficult foe to penetrate in any tank given the lack of weak spots.  With a rear turreted design it can side-scrape effectively, while retaining impressive armor values.  This guide for World of Tanks Object 705A weak spots helps you find key areas to focus on.  Whether you are shooting at an Object 705A from the front, sides, or rear.  This guide has you covered.

World of Tanks Object 705A Weak Spots | Video

World of Tanks Object 705A Weak Spots | Front

World of Tanks Object 705A Weak Spots Front

Looking at the front armor profile of the Object 705A you notice the lack of weak spots.  Unlike most tanks this tank doesn’t have a cupola weak spot.  Nor does it have any true turret weak spot from the front.  The weakest area on the turret is found next to the mantlet towards the top of the turret front.  Even here you will have to punch through a minimum of 312mm effective armor.  Beneath the mantlet and also around the gun sit around at 330mm effective.  Only tier 10 tank destroyers and premium rounds stand a chance to penetrate the turret on the Object 705A.

Knowing that the turret is out of the picture.  What about the hull?  The upper glacis is an impressive 350mm effective.  After normalization and if you are up close you can have a chance to penetrate the upper glacis.  If you are being face hugged by a Object 705A you are looking at a minimum 250mm+ effective armor.  One area that can prove to be useful is the driver viewport area since it sits at 60mm thick.  If you aren’t stuck close up to the Object 705A then avoid shooting either area given their toughness.

Moving to the lower glacis you finally have a “weak spot”  This area sits at 244mm effective if you aren’t close to the Object 705A.  As you reduce the distance gap it will gain armor to the point of it being over 300mm effective.  For tier 8/9 tanks the lower glacis can still be a risky shot unless you use premium rounds.  For tier 10 tanks you typically have over a 50% chance to penetrate unless you are at close range.

Given that the lower glacis is the only weak spot that can be deemed reliable on the Object 705A’s front.  If you don’t have a clear shot at it.  Or if the Object 705A driver is angling it.  Then it would be wise to use premium rounds or HE/HESH.  Or better yet just run away.

World of Tanks Object 705A Weak Spots | Side

World of Tanks Object 705A Weak Spots Side

Given the insane frontal armor on the Object 705A’s front the side must have some weak spots.  Right?  Luckily the side does have some holes in its armor protection.  Unfortunately if you don’t know where to aim then you will still be hitting fairly strong side armor.

Starting on the hull you want to either hit the upper side hull or rear cheek area if aiming high.  Avoid shooting the middle side hull given the crafty inversely angled Russian hull armor.  The middle side hull looks flat but it isn’t.  It is a 30mm thick piece of spaced armor covering a 100mm thick hull angled inwards at 57 degrees.  Shooting beneath the spaced armor you skip the trickery and hit 100mm at 0 degrees.  Luckily the hull extends down slightly into the tracks which gives you a larger area to score a damaging shot.

The turret side still packs a lot of armor even for a tier 10 heavy.  Most of it sits well above 300mm effective.  The side turret area labeled houses the weakest areas that measure between 183mm to 207mm effective.

World of Tanks Object 705A Weak Spots | Rear

World of Tanks Object 705A Weak Spots Rear

Tier 8 tanks wouldn’t stand a chance against the Object 705A without the rear armor being as weak as it is.  Unless you shoot towards the edges you will be looking at 99mm-155mm effective armor.  Even tier 8 light tanks can handle that.

World of Tanks Object 705A Weak Spots | Angled

If you stumble across an angled Object 705A you are in for an intense fight.  Under ideal conditions for the Object 705A driver the weakest area will be the front lower glacis.  Before normalization an Object 705A driver can get this area to above 305mm effective without the side armor being penetrable.  Your best options if you must fight them is trying to hit the lower glacis or beneath the mantlet(330mm effective).

If the Object 705A is heavily angled the “cheek” area between the front and side hull becomes weak to 280mm+ penetration.  The side hull remains a problem except for the unangled 100mm lower side hull above the tracks that can be penetrated.  If you hit the spaced armor above or the tracks below your round will be absorbed.

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