Weak Spot Guide: Object 268 Version 4

The Object 268 Version 4 is a tier 10 tank destroyer implemented in the 9.22 update in World of Tanks.  It features a massive amount of armor on the front hull and superstructure.  With its above average mobility combined with impressive armor it is extremely difficult to fight.  This guide for World of Tanks Object 268 Version 4 weak spots fully analyzes this tank’s armor.  You’ll learn the easiest weak spots to aim for on the front, side, and rear of the Object 268 Version 4.

TLDR Version:  If you don’t have 250mm+ penetration and this is facing you frontally…. Run and scream.

World of Tanks Object 268 Version 4 Weak Spots | Video Review

World of Tanks Object 268 Version 4 Weak Spots | Frontal

World of Tanks Object 268 Version 4 Weak Spots Front

With one of the best frontal armor schemes in World of Tanks the Object 268 Version 4 is a huge threat on the battlefield.  The weakest are on the front hull is a small thin lower glacis piece.  This area sits at 237mm effective armor which most tanks can penetrate.  However, given that it is angled at 65 degrees if you are at close range you may ricochet with AP/APCR.  The remaining front hull is all above 300mm effective armor.  Only premium rounds stand at a chance at penetrating these areas.

Higher up on the Object 268 Version 4 you have a few weak spots at your disposal.  If you can even call them that.  The two cupolas are mostly between 250mm – 259mm if you aim at the center of either.  The commander’s cupola is the larger and easier to hit of the two.  Beware of hitting to far towards the edges since some of it is just spaced armor.  It is similar to the AMX 50 Foch cupolas that don’t receive damage if you hit the “wings” of the cupola.

Unfortunately outside of these two cupolas you don’t have any other viable options.  You can potentially sneak a round next to the gun.  This area is still a staggering 300mm effective.  Otherwise if you have a high penetrating premium round the superstructure sits at 339mm effective.  The best advice I can give is if you aren’t in a tier 10 tank capable of landing a well placed shot. Or in a tier 10 with a ridiculous premium round.  Then simply find a way to flank this tank or to hit it with HE in the engine deck.  Tier 8-9 tanks in particular will struggle even with premium rounds to penetrate the Object 268 Version 4 frontally.

World of Tanks Object 268 Version 4 Weak Spots | Side

World of Tanks Object 268 Version 4 Weak Spots Side

The side armor of the Object 268 Version 4 is much more manageable than the front.  It still has a trick up its sleeve given the deceptive side hull armor.  Like several other Russian tanks the side hull is angled inwards behind spaced armor.  Specifically in the middle side hull area you find 80mm thick hull armor angled at 62 degrees.  This area appears flat but that is due to the 30mm spaced armor.  Avoid hitting this area with tier 8 tanks or low penetrating tier 9 tanks.  To make matters worse the side hull doesn’t extend very far down into the tracks.  Keep this in mind so you don’t lose a shot shooting below the hull armor.

Shooting higher up on the superstructure your best bet is to aim towards the rear.  The front area sits at 258mm effective armor.  Simply aiming towards middle/rear drops the armor down to 65mm – 105mm effective.

World of Tanks Object 268 Version 4 Weak Spots | Rear

World of Tanks Object 268 Version 4 Weak Spots Rear 2

The rear armor on the Object 268 Version 4 fortunately isn’t very well protected.  The only trick this tank has to protect itself is with the rear roof area.  Being 55mm thick most guns cannot overmatch it and at 70 degrees it ricochets non-HEAT rounds.  Simply avoid shooting the roof and you’ll have no problem with dealing with the rear armor.

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