Weak Spot Guide: Object 263

The tier 10 Russian tank destroyer Object 263 has an impressive armor scheme but the “all or nothing” system it incorporates can make facing one either very frustrating or a breeze(same with driving one).  The reason I refer to the Object 263’s armor scheme as “all or nothing” is because it has a massive amount of armor covering a lot of the frontal armor where it matters but on other parts of the tank it ditches any resemblance of armor.  This helps to keep the armor where it matters most and although it makes the Object 263 vulnerable to damage elsewhere it allows it to have the great mobility it has.  Below are a few views of the Object 263 that break it down into specific areas with effective armor values.  Effective armor values are the numbers that apply to HEAT and HE shells(before normalization).  To find AP/APCR values you can use the post below to plug in the numbers into the equation.



Frontal View


Frontally the Object 263 has very intimidating armor in the grand scheme of things.  The upper frontal glacis(UFG) and most of the superstructure(Areas #1-#4) are primarily immune to most shells that are coming towards the Object 263.  However, the lower frontal glacis(LFG) is very weak as well as the small strips surrounding the gun mantlet.  The flat piece below the gun is also 250mm thick but due to it not being angled can be penetrated by most tier 10 tanks if you are caught in a pinch.

Side View


Here is where the “all or nothing” armor scheme turns into being a negative for an Object 263 driver as you can see with all of the green areas.  The strips of red are the thick frontal armor plates being taken into account for on the side armor which isn’t done on all tanks.  There is also a thin strip of angled armor(LSH #4) that is small but tough so make sure to aim higher on the side to avoid hitting that or simply hitting tracks.

Rear View


Nothing special to see here on the rear of the Object 263 since it’s armor is weak all over.  If you are firing down into the Object 263 into the open compartment make sure not to hit the gun and/or thick frontal armor since it can sometimes give some very weird penetration numbers/zero damage hits.

Angled View


You don’t see many Object 263’s angle since the gun traverse is very limited on it and also because the side armor is only 80mm.  The weak spots are pretty straightforward for an angled Object 263 since it’s armor isn’t very complicated.  If it isn’t angled very much then you should stick to the frontal weak spots but if it is angled heavily showing more side armor then aim at the side weak spots.

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  1. Thanks, never knew I could fire into the crew compartment with HE. I rarely see it, but when I do, I have real problems engaging it with my Maus.

    Greetings from EU.


  2. Nice but outdated. Now you can penetrate him almost everywhere but not in “Area Five” even when u are angled so thats not like 250mm its like 100mm. Thanks

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