Weak Spot Guide: Object 257

The Object 257 is a tier 9 Russian heavy tank that was introduced with the 9.22 update for World of Tanks.  It features better armor than the T-10 that it replaces and a uniquely shaped side armor profile.  Unlike most tanks the Object 257’s hull armor angles to a point on the bottom of the tank.  This gives it side hull armor that ricochets most rounds that hit it.  Combine that with thick turret armor and a pike nosed front and you have a monster in effective armor values.  This guide is for World of Tanks Object 257 weak spots.  You’ll find everything needed to tackle an Object 257 on the battlefield below.

World of Tanks Object 257 Weak Spots | Video Overview

World of Tanks Object 257 Weak Spots | FrontWorld of Tanks Object 257 Weak Spots Front

Frontally the Object 257 poses a challenge if it can hide its main weak spot.  The lower glacis sits at 198mm effective armor.  Most tanks that face the Object 257 will be able to penetrate this area easily.  Only tier 7 and some tier 8 tanks will struggle with the lower plate.  The problem you will find when facing the Object 257 is when you do not have a clear shot at the front lower glacis.  The only other viable weak spot is the cupolas on top of the turret.  These sit at 158mm effective at their weakest in the center of both cupolas.  Hitting them however can be difficult given their small size.

If you have a 91mm+ gun you can resort to overmatching the turret roof if you can see it.  Aim directly above the mantlet and if possible to try get some of the cupolas in your aiming circle.  Other weak spots on the front are extremely situational.  136mm+ guns can overmatch the driver view port area.  There are also small spots on the mantlet that sit around 250mm effective directly near to the gun.

If you find yourself facing an Object 257 frontally make sure you can keep punching away at the lower plate.  Otherwise you are left trying to hit small turret weak spots on the roof/cupola.

World of Tanks Object 257 Weak Spots | Side

World of Tanks Object 257 Weak Spots Side Armor

The tricky part with dealing with an Object 257 is the side armor.  Noted earlier the side hull angles towards the bottom of the tank at a 68 degree angle.  Most tanks shooting beneath the upper/middle side hull will ricochet off.  This is because you will be adding at least a few extra degrees of angling to the lower side hull.  Since the lower side hull armor is only 45mm thick you can overmatch it with rounds with a caliber 136mm or larger.  This means if you are shooting at the lower side hull with a 155mm round you can easily penetrate the lower side hull areas that normally would ricochet rounds.  However, if you have a gun firing 120mm rounds you won’t be able to penetrate  You will often ricochet off unless you aren’t firing “down” into the side based on the height of your tank.

If faced with the challenge of penetrating the side armor with a shell less than 136mm. The majority of the time you are better off shooting the upper side hull.  This area sits at 202mm effective armor and can be dealt with by most tanks the Object 257 sees.  The angled rear upper side hull is also very weak at 180mm effective armor.  There is also a small weak spot I labeled “front side hull weak spot”.  If the Object 257 is coming around a corner you can hit it just above the track wheel if you have a high penetrating gun.  This small strip of armor sits at 239mm effective armor.  Otherwise if you can hit the upper side hull you are left with the slightly stronger middle side hull.

As if the Object 257 didn’t have enough side armor the side turret armor sits primarily at or above 240mm thick.  Outside of small areas on the cupola you are left having to penetrate over 240mm effective armor.

World of Tanks Object 257 Weak Spots | Rear

World of Tanks Object 257 Weak Spots | Rear

Last but not least the rear armor profile.  Finally there is a sea of green!  As long as you avoid hitting the angled edges of the hull and turret you will find it easy to damage the Object 257’s rear.  Avoid shooting the suspension that at first glance looks like part of the rear hull.  Simply remember that it is a diamond shape and isn’t flat on the bottom of the hull.

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