Weak Spot Guide: Object 252U

The Object 252U’s armor at tier 8 is simply stunning across most of the tank.  Its hull design is similar to the IS-7 with its pike nose design on the hull.  For a tier 8 premium heavy tank the Object 252U’s armor effectiveness is certainly one of its main selling points.  While the cupola weak spots are a huge chink in its armor the remaining areas are top notch.  Tier 6-8 tanks will struggle to land consecutive penetrating shots.  The Object 252U even fairs well against higher tier foes shooting at its front armor. This guide for World of Tanks Object 252U weak spots dissects the entire tank’s effective armor values.

World of Tanks Object 252U Weak Spots |Video Overview|

World of Tanks Object 252U Weak Spots |Frontal View|

World of Tanks Object 252U Weak Spots Frontal View

Looking at the front armor scheme of the Object 252U you notice quickly it doesn’t have many weak spots.  For most tanks the Object 252U faces the cupola areas are going to be their only chance.  Most of the cupola sits between 151mm-166mm effectiveness with the edges becoming much stronger.  Fortunately for players facing an Object 252U it has two fairly large cupolas that are easy to hit at closer ranges.  At mid to long range hitting them consecutively may become difficult.

Outside of the obvious cupola weak spots you have the lower glacis.  At tier 8 having 218mm effective armor on a spot where most players unfamilar with your tank will shoot is awesome.  The lower plate won’t hold up against higher tier enemies and most tier 8’s.  It is strong enough to protect the Object 252U from lower tier tanks and shots up close.  The remaining “weak” areas sit between 238mm-260mm effective armor.  There is a flat strip of armor above the driver’s view port on the upper glacis.  Some parts of the mantlet also fall within this armor strength.  While these areas are by no means weak they are worth mentioning.

Overall the Object 252U’s front armor profile is top notch for a tier 8 premium tank.  The cupolas keep it from being completely broken and impossible to penetrate.  But compared against other tier 8 tanks it is tough not to like its armor….if you are driving one.

World of Tanks Object 252U Weak Spots |Side View|

World of Tanks Object 252U Weak Spots Side View

Compared to the front armor the side armor of the Object 252U is significantly weaker.  Much like other Russian heavies it still has above average protection.  The upper glacis surprisingly wraps around and gives excellent protection for some of the side hull.  The upper side hull also has an impressive 206mm effective armor value.  Towards the end of the upper side hull you also have a 221mm effective angled section.  The side turret armor isn’t poorly protected either with its weakest area being 209mm effective.  Like most tanks much of the strength of the side armor comes from angles.  The Object 252U isn’t an exception with most of its toughest armor being on the front/rear of the hull/turret.

Like the front armor the cupola weak spots remain and are virtually identical to the front view.  You also have a small turret ring weak spot on the back section of the turret.  The largest weak area on the side is the lower side hull.  At its weakest it is 100mm effective and is strongest where a small 30mm spaced armor piece hangs off of the upper hull area.  Given its size and protection shooting the side hull will be the best bet for landing penetrating shots.  Do keep in mind that the hull doesn’t extend down as far as some other tanks might behind the tracks.

World of Tanks Object 252U Weak Spots |Rear View|

World of Tanks Object 252U Weak Spots Rear View

The rear armor of the Object 252U provides some protection against lower tier tanks.  Against tier 8-10 tanks the only bounces that are possible are poorly aimed or unlucky shots.  The strongest rear armor are the edges of the turret where the angles cover to the side turret and towards the hull.  The rear hull armor is also fairly strong outside of the lower rear hull area.  For most facing the Object 252U it will be easy to land penetrating hits by focusing on hitting the flatter sections.  Given the size of the well angled upper hull areas however an Object 252U driver can shrug off some hits if lucky.

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