Weak Spot Guide: O-I Experimental

At tier 5 the Japanese heavy tank O-I Experimental doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of armor to stand up against many of its peers but it does pose a different armor layout to enemies due to it having several small turrets located across the hull of the tank.  While it is labeled as a heavy tank, and is in fact very heavy at tier 5(being 100 tons) it doesn’t live up to other Japanese heavy tanks that have very good armor protection being that the O-I Experimental starts to kick off the true heavy tanks of the branch.  This guide will provide all World of Tanks O-I Experimental weak spots and a complete breakdown of the armor.  Green areas have the least protection, followed by yellow/orange, and then the strongest areas are highlighted in red.  Purple areas have no hull armor behind them and/or have a very high chance of a zero-damage critical hit.

World of Tanks O-I Experimental Weak Spots Frontal


Frontally the O-I Experimental does not pose a huge threat with its armor but it can provide some protection against players who focus on its lower portion of the frontal profile.  Here the upper glacis is protected well against other tier 5 and lower tanks and the lower glacis can be difficult to penetrate at under 100m.  Unfortunately for O-I Experimental drivers this is the only semi-protected areas of the tank as the small turrets, upper hull portion, and most of the turret are extremely weak even for non-heavy tanks at tier 5.  Simply avoid the angled sections and the gun and you will have no difficulties with penetrating the O-I Experimental.  For tanks who might struggle penetrating 79mm effective armor there is a small 0 armor hole to the right of the gun.

World of Tanks O-I Experimental Weak Spots Side


The side of the O-I Experimental doesn’t improve upon armor protection compared to the frontal armor aside from protection against HEAT and HE shells.  Most of the side hull is covered by a 35mm spaced armor plate that gives it added protection against HEAT and HE.  The downside is that outside of a few small areas most of the side armor has 79mm effective armor or less.  Keep in mind that the hull armor only extends down to just above the track wheels on the bottom and that shooting any lower will cause no HP damage.

World of Tanks O-I Experimental Weak Spots Rear


Compared to the side armor the rear armor on the O-I Experimental is actually slightly tougher to penetrate.  Although it has stronger armor it still will not provide adequate protection against most tanks that regularly face the O-I Experimental since as long as they hit the center mass of the rear armor they will almost always penetrate.

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