Weak Spot Guide: Vickers Medium MK 1

Being a tier 1 tank the Vickers Medium MK I like other tier 1′s does not sport a great deal of armor. However, there are still spots to avoid shooting as bouncing is more likely or there is simply no hit box there to do HP damage.  This guide will be more simplistic than the higher tiered guides to keep it easy to understand for newer players.  Green are the easiest locations to damage, followed by yellow/orange, and then red is the hardest locations to damage. Purple means there is no hit box(shells pass through) or for other areas there is no chance of doing HP damage by shooting there.





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  1. There is something wrong with pictures links. First has no link , 3rd has wrong value.
    I really enjoy those guides.

    Best regards,

  2. Not sure on your reasoning behind this one. Yeah, it’s a tier 1 but what good is a weakpoint guide for a tank that only has SIX millimeters of armor on all sides? The entire tank is a weakspot.

    • Maybe for you and me. But I have recently been putting up more stuff for brand new players(since I direct them to here when I play low tiers). I plan on having these low tier guides more simplistic and easy to understand and as they move up I will add more detailed armor values.

      This guide only has color codes, but I factored in angle(tier 1s still have auto-bounce angles) and also thickness. For a new player they don’t know these gameplay mechanics as much so something like this will be useful especially for those pesky track shots or shooting an area with no HP hit box.

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