Weak Spot Guide: Mäuschen

The Mäuschen or “little mouse” leads to its bigger brother the Maus as of the 9.17.1 update in World of Tanks.  Its massive size and thick armor is intimidating at first glance much like the tier 10 Maus.  Being a tier lower at tier 9 however does come with its drawbacks.  Since the Mäuschen faces tier 7 tanks its armor does need some weaker ares than the Maus.  This guide will provide World of Tanks Mäuschen weak spots across the entire tank.  Effective armor values are calculated to take into account both vertical and horizontal angles.  No longer will you worry about dealing with the Mäuschen after this guide.

World of Tanks Mäuschen Weak Spots |Video|

World of Tanks Mäuschen Weak Spots | Frontal View |

World of Tanks Mäuschen Weak Spots Front

 The bulk of the Mäuschen’s armor is found on the frontal area of the tank.  Although the majority of the front is extremely tough there are a few holes to focus on.  The weakest of the bunch is the lower glacis which has 180mm thick armor.  With its 31 degree angle added in you find it has a 210mm effective armor value.  For many tier 7/8 tanks this is difficult to penetrate but not impossible.  Unfortunately if you find yourself as a lower tier this is your best option on the frontal armor.  The rest of the frontal hull is extremely tough with no armor falling below 349mm effectiveness.  In the off chance you are in a very short tank you possibly could shoot under the “behind tracks” spaced armor to hit very weak 55mm thick armor.  For any other tanks do keep in mind that the “behind tracks” area looks like part of the upper/lower glacis but it is a trap.

Moving onto the turret you find very few weak areas for most of the Mäuschen’s foes.  No turret armor falls below 240mm effectiveness and much is incredibly strong.  The cupola also tricks you by making it look like a clear weak spot.  Unfortunately its weakest area is 243mm effectiveness.  If you do shoot at the cupola aim at the center since the edges left. right, up, down all gain strength.  Overall the Mäuschen’s is damn impressive from the front even with a “weak” lower plate.  The only reason it is considered weak is because the remaining armor is that strong.

World of Tanks Mäuschen Weak Spots | Side View |

World of Tanks Mäuschen Weak Spots Side

 Unlike the frontal armor the Mäuschen does lose a lot of protection moving to its side profile.  Since it faces off against tier 7/8 tanks it can’t be expected to have as good all around protection like the Maus.  Even with this a lot of the side areas do have better protection than many tier 9 tanks.  The main problem comes from that the sides are extremely large and flat.  If a Mäuschen driver doesn’t pay attention most shots that hit the side dead on will penetrate.

The strongest areas on the side are located low on the hull and on the cupola surprisingly.  You also have small bits near the gun and turret ring that can provide decent protection.  If you are facing a Mäuschen simply fire at the side turret or the upper side hull.

World of Tanks Mäuschen Weak Spots | Rear View |

World of Tanks Mäuschen Weak Spots Rear

 Continuing the trend that the side armor started you find poor protection on the read hull.  Like the frontal view you have areas of spaced armor covering the tracks.  Outside of these two spots the remaining rear hull armor is easily damageable.  On the turret parts of the turret ring and outer cupola are somewhat tough to damage.  Otherwise just aim at the extremely large rear turret area that is only 151mm-155mm effective.

World of Tanks Mäuschen Weak Spots | Angled View |

World of Tanks Mäuschen Weak Spots Angled

 Finally here’s a small look at an angled Mäuschen.  Like its big brother Maus it has a weak spot when angled under the spaced armor flaps covering the tracks.  Simply shoot between the lower glacis and side spaced armor for easy shots.  If you can’t hit this area then your best bet is either the cupola, turret ring, or upper side hull.

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