Weak Spot Guide: LTP

 The tier 3 Russian premium light tank LTP was given away as a gift for Wargaming’s 15th anniversary.  While it was a gift and is not for sale in-game you still see LTP’s being played since overall it isn’t that bad of a tier 3 tank and being a premium tank you can put other crews into it.  The LTP’s armor is above average on the front and rear which makes it somewhat tough for newer players to engage since it’s armor layout relies on the high angles for these spots.

Frontal View


Frontally the LTP has a decent amount of armor for tier 3 since it’s upper frontal glacis (UFG) has a high angle on it(53 degrees) and it’s armor doesn’t have to many thin portions from this view.  The main weak spots are where the armor is flat meaning that the flat portions of the frontal turret armor(FT1 and M1) and the lower glacis areas are the easiest to damage.  However, there are two zero armor ports located at A1(the left one is covered but still is 0mm thick) meaning that any shells that land here will penetrate.

Side View


The side armor of the LTP is it’s main protection drawback since the side armor does not have the high angles that the frontal and rear armor both have.  The only strong spots of the armor are where the tracks cover the hull and the side turret armor.  There is once again a small zero armor port located at the A2 location.

Rear View


The high angles return for the rear armor of the LTP which is a nice bonus since if LTP drivers are caught off guard their rear armor protects them well.  The yellow locations are relatively weak but the weakest armor is located in RHA #5 since the armor drops to 20mm instead of 30mm.  Overall if you simply avoid shooting the RT #2 and RHA #1 areas you should be fine engaging a LTP from this view.

Angled View


If you encounter and angled LTP you need to remember that it’s side armor is not only thinner in most places but also has poor angles on it.  If the LTP is only slightly angled(meaning it’s side armor is auto-bounce) stick to the frontal weak spots.  However, once that side armor drops below auto-bounce levels you should focus on the side weak spots since they will be easier to damage.  To find out about auto-bounce you can read these two World of Tanks game mechanics guides on armor and shells.


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