Weak Spot Guide: KV-220

The KV-220 is a rare premium tank that at tier 5 has a very tough armor set up to crack since it’s hull armor is very thick.  Unlike most other tanks the KV-220 has a very weak turret and if you know where to shoot it on the turret you can completely avoid it’s tough hull armor.

The index at the bottom of each picture describes a few abbreviations used and also the format in which the armor details are described in. Effective Armor (EA) refers to the overall effectiveness of the armor without normalization.  The purple sections on each view represent places such as the track armor or view ports that you can do module damage but not HP damage.

Frontal View


Frontally you can see that the KV-220 has tougher armor on the hull than a standard KV-1 at tier 5.  On the hull if you must shoot at it you should focus on the UFG #1 area and especially around the view port/machine gun port on it.  These ports are not that much weaker than the surrounding plate since they are 90mm thick(instead of 100mm) and the view port only has a thin 75mm strip on it.  Instead you should focus on the KV-220’s frontal turret since it is much weaker at 75mm thick on the turret front.  The mantlet is 75mm thick around the gun and there is 90mm sections on the “bulge” further out.

Sticking to the frontal turret(FT) section as well as the areas around the gun(T1->T3) you will be able to punch through these locations much easier than the hull.  Avoid shooting very close to the gun or beneath it since the gun module extends in these areas behind the mantlet.

Side View


The KV-220’s side profile is tackled the same way as the frontal armor profile.  You can simply aim at the turret sides while avoiding the hull armor to punch through the weaker armor it has.  It is not recommended to shoot around the gun since it can provide some odd 0 damage shots if you hit the gun module.  Keep in mind that if you do end up shooting the hull armor that you either want to aim above the tracks to avoid that extra 20mm of armor or avoid aiming to low and missing the hull armor.

Rear View


The rear of the KV-220 while tough is still an easy nut to crack if you stick to shooting the turret armor.  If you need to shoot the hull simply hit RHA#2 area since it is only slightly stronger than the turret armor.

Angled View


An angled KV-220 much like a Maus at tier 10 becomes almost impossible for tanks to damage it’s hull since it’s front and side armor are nearly the same.  This allows KV-220’s to angle heavily and to increase both armor areas to points that are very difficult for the tanks that face them to damage.  While this might pose a problem there are still weak spots to be shot at!  If the KV-220 is angled like the picture above then the machine gun port is easily damaged on the flat section closest to you. If it is angled the other way simply try to hit the flat sides facing you that way albeit they are slightly harder to hit.

More likely than not you will be able to use the turret weak spots that are shown in the frontal view or side view in the sections above(since the KV-220 will most likely be shooting at or near you).  If the turret is angled like it is seen in this angled view simply fire at the flattest areas on the bugle to do easy damage.

This guide showing World of Tanks KV-220 weak spots will be updated if any armor changes occur.

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